"I'd love to conquer digital, but there's no way I'm going back to school." enter DPI

May 28, 2014

Chicago is becoming a magnet for the Midwest's best and brightest digital talent, but what if you're lacking the digital skills needed to "play in the deep end"?


Digital Professional Institute (DPI) was formed through a group of entrepreneurial minds that wanted to give experienced corporate professionals the opportunity to conquer all things digital without the need to step foot in a classroom.

DPI focuses on the entire digtal end-to-end process, bringing customized training solutions to anyone from large corporations to professional individuals. The sessions range from fundamental to extremely advanced and they take place at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy's state-of-the-art facility (in the heart of Chicago) or at your corporate facility. Typical training sessions can range from one-day/two-day sessions to after-work sessions spread across several weeks.

When asked about what differs DPI from the competition, Avi Levine, Executive Director at the Digital Professional Institute, said "DPI's corporate sales proposition is hands-on and it takes into account the various experience levels of the average professional. Potential corporate clients for us can range from MBA's that came from an Ivy League school with ten years of work experience to the recent graduates who just started their corporate career. We can work with entire departments of Fortune 500 companies or individuals running small businesses. Media companies love us because we can expand or retrain their employees' knowledge in digital marketing and digital media so that they can go sell those skills to clients. Non-media companies love us because we can help them bring new skills in-house. In both cases, we are helping companies to save money and grow revenue."

DPI covers

• Social media (strategy, tactics, analytics)
• Online video production and post-production (editing)
• Recording arts/sound
• Animation & motion graphics
• Digital/web/mobile marketing (strategy, tactics, analytics)
• Coming Soon: mobile app and web development (front end and back end)

Save the date: There is a professional session for corporate individuals available in social media starting June 10th, digital marketing starting June 9th (only a few slots left!) and custom sessions available to companies upon request. For more info. about DPI or to sit in on a session: [email protected] / 224-310-0962