New Futuro's High Touch - High Tech approach to Hispanic education

November 11, 2011

New Futuro is hosting the largest college-prep fair for Latino families in the Midwest this Saturday at the UIC Forum (see info).  It is open to the public and will give you a first-hand view of how we are changing the world and helping companies create value.  We are expanding nationally next year, so this will be a good chance to check it out in Chicago. 


About Us:

New Futuro provides Latino families with a one-stop shop to help them get their students into college and beyond.  The company's 'High Tech, High Touch' digitally-based integrated platform brings three core audiences together: Latino student/family members, community-based organizations/educational institutions and corporate sponsors. By becoming members of New Futuro, parents and students gain access to free, bilingual information and tools to create a step-by-step plan to get into college. New Futuro enhances the probability of success by connecting members with non-profit organizations and educational institutions via New Futuro’s website and neighborhood outreach efforts.  Rather than relying on the government or charitable dollars, New Futuro partners with Fortune 500 companies who sponsor New Futuro activities. This socially innovative model allows companies to create meaningful brand relationships with Latino families who, in turn, can then help their students succeed in college and beyond.