Scout Aims to Take Home Security Digital – And Look Good Doing It

February 13, 2013


Home security systems are obnoxious – they’re expensive, a burden to install, and usually involve working through a maze of phone menus when you need assistance. A new product called Scout aims to change that. By connecting in-home surveillance devices to your smartphone, tablet or computer, Scout allows you to monitor and control your system no matter where you are.

According to its creators, Scout is focused on making home security easier by taking it digital organically. While other security systems use years-old web portals, Scout’s platform is brand new, can be accessed from any website, and will come with mobile phone apps when the product launches later this year.

“We're building Scout from the ground up with the latest software and technology,” says Lindsey Cohen, VP of Sandbox Industries, who introduced the product today. “The website and apps are meant to make setting and monitoring your security system convenient, from anywhere in the world and on any device.”

Last summer, Sandbox Industries sought to explore hardware startup ideas, eventually landing on Scout. 

“When one of our team members went to buy a security system for his house, we realized how big of a gap there was between what we had in our hands and what’s available to the general public,” Cohen says. “Once we started taking a closer look at home security, we knew that we could deliver a more affordable, tech-forward product with a modern design.”

[ibimage==22199==Medium==none==self==ibimage_align-left]Sandbox funded Scout’s seed round, enabling the company’s early research and development. To take the next step into manufacturing, however, Scout is taking the crowdfunding route. At press time, the company had reached 3 percent of their $180,000 via contributions on their website. Cohen sees crowdfunding as a way to ensure that consumers have as much faith in the product as the team does, before investing in producing the hardware.

Pending funding, Scout is scheduled to release its first batch to consumers in August. The small, stylish security monitor can be installed anywhere in your house without the help of a technician. Units start at $120 each, and you can buy as few or as many as you like to cover your property. And if you’re a renter, you can take your Scout with you when you move on to your next home.

Considering that research shows a home intrusion occurs every 12 seconds and only 17 percent of homes have a security system, Scout seems poised to tackle an underserved market. Allowing customers to arm and disarm the system, as well as receive activity alerts and grant temporary guest access on the go might just bring this old school technology into the 21st century.

Visit Scout's website, check out Sandbox Industries' BIC profile, and follow Scout on Twitter at @ScoutAlarm.