SeedCon Fast-Pitch Competition Contestants!

October 31, 2012

Along with a prestigious selection of speakers and guests, SeedCon also has an impressive line up of applicants to the Fast-Pitch competition! Entries are accelerating, and we have a batch of new start-ups to introduce.

Among them: a digital marketplace for single items of digital content, site-aggregator for the adventure travel community, virtual closet and personal stylist, mobile enterprise inventory management system, crowdfunding platform, continuing education platform, pharmaceutical inventory management system, music platform for fans, musicians, and businesses, and a website to help aggregate your online reputation and feedback. Also, it’s not too late to apply! The deadline to enter the fast-pitch competition is Friday, November 2, so apply now!

Reminder for SeedCon tickets: early-bird ticket sales end this Thursday, Nov. 1, so purchase your tickets today!


Check out some of the Fast-Pitch competition entries below!

Premium Post
The Premium Post is a digital marketplace for single items of premium digital content.  We allow publishers to put a key button on their paywall and easily list their articles for sale through the Premium Post.  Readers who pass on buying a full subscription can then buy just the article they want at a premium price of $0.99 or $0.49 at the Premium Post using their PayPal account.
Our edge is to combine comprehensive, fast meta-search of, and Explorersweb’s model of immersion into specific segments of adventure travel community. We are targeting solely active travel: mountain climbing and hiking, sailing, safari and wild photography.
Currently at the seed stage, we want you to check us out starting from January 2013 – just in time for planning your next adventure.

Outfitted is the world’s first virtual closet and personal stylist all in one easy-to-use site. Picture being able to see every item of clothing you own by scrolling on one digital screen- tablet, mobile or computer.  What if you could also receive custom-selected clothing options within your budget from your favorite brands for upcoming events in your life—a first date, a tenth anniversary, a presentation to upper management, even everyday basics—along with suggestions on how to mix and match them with clothing you already own? By joining Outfitted, you gain access to a full visual inventory of your wardrobe along with new item and styling suggestions delivered to you based on your personal style profile.

Intelligent Loop
Intelligent Loop is developing mobile enterprise software that uses a smartphone’s capability to manage and track industry business’ physical assets by scanning barcodes, acquiring GPS coordinates, collecting data and taking photos. Using a common device that many mobile workers already have, we eliminate the ad hoc and error prone practices that so many businesses follow. Businesses save time, save money, increase productivity and reduce risk.

Dinner With
Dinner With is a startup crowdfunding platform that leverages the vast social media networks of public figures and celebrities to connect nonprofit organizations with new donors and volunteers. A public figure chooses a charity that they would like to represent, and the American public has the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes or volunteer for the chance to join them for dinner. Dinner With provides charities with an online and mobile application platform to meet fundraising and volunteer needs. The Dinner With website and mobile application are tools for organizations to connect with individual donors through the social media reach of celebrities.

License Buddy
License Buddy is a simple web application that caters to customers such as nurses, doctors, and lawyers to help them save time and cost on their annual continuing education.  We interpret complex state requirements and clearly display them in a way that makes it easy for them know exactly what is required.  We also pool the buying power of our members to identify relevant coursework to meet their annual needs in the most efficient way possible.

SmartRx Rep, which provides an inventory management solution that enables pharmaceutical sampling to be more efficient and effective. This solution tracks real time sample quantity and alerts pharmaceutical companies when inventories reach threshold for replenishment. SmartRx Rep helps optimize sales force time and talent by revolutionizing pharmaceutical sample inventory management.

MusicZaar is an online platform to empower musicians to connect with fans, sell music to fans, book gigs for events, and promote themselves. Our customers are music artists needing to solicit music sales, raise funds for projects, and get music gigs, music fans wanting to financially support their favorite musicians’ projects, and businesses needing to book talent for entertainment or to promote an event. MusicZaar will create an online platform for rising music artists to create profiles to sell their music, raise funds from supporters and fans, promote themselves, and get booked for music gigs.

ComplimentKarma helps you build a online reputation that can be communicated publicly and accurately. ComplimentKarma also promotes positive feedback. We originally founded ComplimentKarma because we liked the idea of trumpeting positive feedback to the rest of the world. We hope that our users will find in ComplimentKarma both the ability to build an authentic form of reputation, as well as countless opportunities to thank the people who help them every day.