SeedCon Fast-Pitch Entry: Foodsting

November 2, 2012


Serving you a better dining experience by giving your feedback to restaurant owners!

Currently, Yelp and other restaurant review websites show numerous reviews posted by users who dined at their restaurants, many restaurants were helped by positive reviews, but some restaurants' reputations were ruined because of bad reviews left from customers.

That is why Foodsting is here to help out restaurants. I believe that number of people who write bad reviews on review sites can be minimized by giving them a chance to send feedbacks to the restaurant owners directly and shape their business to serve better services next time. At same time, users can get benefits out of it such as discounts and receive promotions for being a loyalty customers or leaving a feedbacks. We provide web framework for restaurant owners to check their feedbacks received by customers and can reply feedbacks back to customers, customize the discounts and promotions for mobile users who visit our partner's restaurants. 

Also, partners can track loyal customers who checked in a lot or redeemed coupons. We also boost sales for restaurant owners who use social commerces by implementing social commerce ads into our application. 

Please vote for my idea if you would like to know more about it at the Seedcon! 


Thank you!