A Simple Gesture: Make Your Charity More PIN-teresting

August 8, 2016

A Simple Gesture: Fundraising Tips for Charity Events

Make Your Charity More PIN-teresting


Pinterest offers an incredible opportunity to market your nonprofit in creative ways. Unlike your organization’s website, Pinterest allows you to have fun and use your imagination. Think of it as your online playground, whereas your website is the classroom. 

It might be hard to believe, but Pinterest is the second-highest social media site to drive traffic to Gesture’s website. It trails closely behind Facebook, and far outranks other well-known sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We definitely think it’s worth your time and energy. So let’s get started!

Whether you already use Pinterest or not, it’s a good idea to come up with a strategy. The top 5 categories used to organize content on Pinterest are listed below. We also included a couple ideas on how you can craft content specific to your organization that will fit into each category. Use these ideas to start your own brainstorming session! 


This category includes cool furniture, interior design ideas, home improvement projects and more.

  1. Do you build or fix up houses for those in need? Showcase the progress of the houses you’re working on, or post step-by-step instructions, complete with your own pictures, on home improvement projects, like how to re-tile a kitchen floor.
  2. Have a resale shop? Set up some knick knacks on a bookshelf and give a couple tips on how to make your shelves more interesting. You could also use donated living room furniture to mock up various floor plans and give tips on how to make your living room cozier.
Arts & Crafts

This category covers DIY projects, gifts for friends and family, and so much more.

  1. Do you work in an animal shelter? Create a board with step-by-step instructions on how to make pet toys, bedding, homemade snacks… the list goes on! If it’s allowed, include a note letting your followers know they can make these items and donate them to your shelter.
  2. Work at a cancer foundation? Pin instructions on how to knit or sew blankets or hats, and encourage your followers to give them as gifts to friends with cancer or other illnesses, or donate them to your organization.

Including everything from hairstyles to clothing inspiration, for men and women.

  1. Have a big gala coming up? If one of your sponsors is a local clothing store, hair salon or jeweler, show a few of their dresses, purses, hairstyles and/or jewelry as ideas for what to wear to the event.  
  2. Have a resale shop? You can have fun in this category, as well! Pair some of your donated clothes together to show your followers how they can be fashionable and support a good cause.

Recipes galore! You can find anything from healthy eating to the most decadent desserts.

  1. Have a food pantry? Find items that were donated that week that could be put together to create a delicious entree or side dish. Snap a picture, and then share the recipe!
  2. Are you in the sports industry? Post family recipes from athletes invested in your organization, pin meal ideas for growing athletes, or even release “secret” recipes for items you sell in your stadium or ballpark. 

Lesson plans, classroom decorations and activities.

  1. Do you work for a school? Post fun lesson plans your teachers actually use, take pictures of cool bulletin boards in classrooms, and more!
  2. Work for a museum? Pin a list of questions teachers can give their students to answer when they visit for a field trip, or highlight specific exhibits and include projects or lesson plans for each one that teachers can use before or after their field trip.

Now it’s your turn to brainstorm! Test out your ideas, and watch your nonprofit become more PIN-teresting!

Don’t forget to take a break from brainstorming to learn how Gesture can help you raise more for the causes you care about. Take a look at a demo today!