Software Defined Radio Demonstrations before IIT's Real Time Communications Conference

August 31, 2013

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Previously, we as Human Beings had to have seperate dedicated Hardware Radios to access any particular Radio Frequency / "Wireless Modulation Scheme" as pictued in the above video.

Below is a picture of a wideband 400Mhz - 6Ghz Wideband Software Defined Radio MIMO device that will be manufactured in the Chicagoland area by WindyCitySDR which is the equal to a Majority of the products Motorola Solutions, Motorola Mobility, Motorola Ventures "Portfolio Companies", + Google's recently filed Special Temporary Authority with the FCC, all in a single device:

Google Wants to Own the Airwaves, Now - Yahoo! News‎


WindyCitySDR created a customized version of Linux enabling LiveDVD/USB installs with Android Studio allowing Google/Motorola developers to not only continue to program those inflexible limited function hardware radio's: " Smart Devices " , but as well as to create complete communication systems entirely in software which shall be demonstrated before the

Illinois Institute of Technology's Real Time Communications Conference

October 15 - 17, 2013:

Traditionally, we as Human beings have interacted with the Electromagnetic Spectrum utilizing dedicated "Hardware Radios" where Digital Signal Processing Algorithms were embedded within the hardware, (ASICS Chip), determining which radio frequencies / radio waveforms one can interact with.  Today General Purpose Processors, Intel/AMD, have embedded within their chipsets DSP functionality that outperforms traditional "Hardware Radio" manufacturers allowing users the ability to ride " Moore's Law " while controlling the flexibility being able to "Define the Radio entirely in Software".

MMX, SSE, SSE2, & SIMD extensions within modern General Purpose Processors,  though designed for multimedia and graphics applications, can surpass the demands of wireless signal processing due to the fact that the "Hardware Requirements" of the past can be broken down to algorithms which can be computed entirely in Software processed through Intel/AMD chipsets CACHE enabling its users the ability to ride "Moore's Law".

Martin O'Shield