Toodalu: Loyalty Rewards & Charitable Giving

April 26, 2012

While building a product, it can become easy to block out the real world and settle into a routine that focuses inward on the project at hand. Most discussions with the outside involve some deflection of questions about launch dates and revenues. But, when the product is ready to be introduced, there is that celebrated moment when all is right in the world. Like stepping out of the basement and into the bright sun, the Toodalu team is excited to shake off the winter cold and share our amazing system with the world!

Toodalu is a new breed of loyalty rewards that generates charitable giving to the exact charities that you choose each time you spend at our partnering merchant locations. You simply link any credit or debit card in your wallet to your Toodalu account, use it pay at any Toodalu location, and the rewards are triggered: 5% of every purchase is donated to the charity of your choice while 5% gets credited directly back to your credit card!

Toodalu is also in the process of expanding our system to welcome all types of fundraisers with the hope that the awkward request for a check from friends, family, or co-workers will be forever eliminated. Take this example: You want to raise $100 in conjunction with running in the Chicago Marathon. With Toodalu, you will soon be able to add your cause to our site and ask your friends to support you through their spending. Each time they swipe their card at a Toodalu location, 5% of their purchase will help you in your fundraising efforts! 

It's selfish not to sign up:!