Tripnary raises $150,000 to make planning your next adventure easy

June 18, 2014


Tripnary, a new startup that wants to change how people plan travel, has raised a $150k seed round. According to CEO and Founder, Abhishek Ghuwalewala, they're excited about the recent funding and hope to raise additional funds to close the seed round in the near future. 

Tripnary wants to improve the travel planning experience and increase organization by eliminating clunky spreadsheets, bookmarks, email chains and handwritten notes. Their simple tools allow you to visually design custom itineraries and capture travel research from any website. 

Tripnary users can save places they want to visit while staying nimble for their next adventure. That exciting place you came across online, read about in a waiting room magazine or the one a friend recommended can be all saved with a simple button, then you can further plan trips with built-in travel tools like maps and directions.


Tripnary was born out of a traveler’s frustration

Ghuwalewala, a 10+ year tech veteran and manager of multi-million dollar software products had a problem with travel planning. When figuring out the places he wanted to go and sights he wanted to see, he realized there was no good place to capture all those ideas. Like others, he’d store these details across various general-purpose apps like Pinterest, or would cut and paste stuff from the web into a Google spreadsheet. “Tripnary was born through my own personal frustration,” said Ghuwalewala. “It is what we needed when we were traveling.”


Taking Tripnary for a test-drive

Tripnary is currently in  private beta, but if you don't want to wait for the public version, you can request an invite on their website. The company is working with highly engaged users, like travel bloggers, people from travel forums and travel enthusiasts to get good feedback and refine the user experience.


Tripnary' next adventure

“We’re excited to get the product out and in front of people and learn as much as possible,” said Ghuwalewala. “It’s interesting to see how people use it,” he continued, “It makes my day.”

Where’s Ghuwalewala‘s next trip? According to Tripnary’s website, “To Atacama Desert in Chile to create a time-lapse video of the night sky and the Milky Way.”

In the next phase, the company has plans to take the itinerary creation tool one step further and start building a platform of crowd-sourced itineraries that travelers can use as a starting point for planning their trips.

They also hope to close their current seed round with additional funding soon. Tripnary will use the funding to further build the team, enhance user experience and boost traffic.


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