The ultimate secret of going paperless by small businesses – It’s time for a change!

by Alisha Christofer
October 14, 2017

It goes without mentioning that paper has always been a pivotal part of the typical office environment for several decades. Paper always comes with a hefty cost. Besides costing money to a company, paper has always had a noteworthy impact on the environment, thereby contributing to deforestation and also to air pollution, water pollution and waste. This is why majority of the companies these days are reconsidering the thought of adopting the paperless method of improving the environmental impact and reducing total costs. However, it is sad to note that most of the business owners don’t know the way in which they should go paperless.

Benefits of going paperless for an office

It isn’t necessary for all businesses to go paperless but it is definitely possible for all businesses to adopt this paperless approach. Here are few benefits that offices can reap from going paperless.

Ø  Saves time: First and foremost, going paperless will always save time. Rather than printing documents, filling them out and signing them and searching for them manually later on, it is definitely better to go paperless. This can do away with a lot of wasted man hours and let employees use time for more important tasks. KeepSolid’s E-signature has been introduced in order to save time behind signing endless documents.

Ø  Saves space: When the documents and important files are all stored in the cloud, the organization gets more flexible. There will be less space needed to store so many papers and documents.

Ø  Better security: When you store documents in cloud, they are safer than what they were when they were handled manually. Digital documents are protected and encrypted by different layers and stages of security and access can be limited to just few people.

Steps for businesses to go paperless

Ø  Let everyone know enough on technology: The foremost step that you should take is to enlighten everyone in your team on technology so that you can do without paper. For the newbies, ensure they have at least a single functional device which permits them to take down notes and send communications.

Ø  Utilize cloud based apps: How about bringing about a transition to your business to use more and more applications that are cloud-based? The cloud system stores information in one central space and allows you to sync it with the company information, with the employees and with the devices. As an addition, your data will become safer and you won’t have to pay too much for other services.

Ø  Reorganize your signing system: There is a huge task of chasing people for their signatures. You can change this by installing the KeepSolid e-signature software through which you can upload documents to the cloud and let people sign the document online with the touch of a finger. This is extremely convenient and will save your precious time which you spend running after people for their signatures. You can even share the documents online with other employees as well.

Ø  Demand digital payments: The very next step that you have to take is to ask for payments digitally, as and when it is possible. There are few old institutions which prefer payments in the ancient style but you should be able to persuade them to switch to accepting digital payments as they’re better and cheaper.

Therefore, if you’re a small business which is eager to transition to the paperless mode, you should take into account the above mentioned steps. There are indeed multiple benefits of going paperless and hence what are you waiting for?

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