Walgreens Brings Facebook Photos Offline With New App

August 29, 2012

If you love Facebook so much you wish you could have it offline, too, Walgreens’ new photo printing service is right up your alley. Using the Photo by Walgreens app, Facebook users can print photos uploaded to the social networking site—comments, likes, and all.


Currently, the app works in most Internet browsers, but hasn’t made it to mobile devices or tablets yet. Still, for the active Facebook photo uploader, this is a fun concept. Walgreens’ Zach West says, “The app offers helpful ways for customers to find photos by friends through search and upcoming birthday reminders, by user content thru your albums or photos you tagged, or by suggestion with our Inspire Me algorithm [which weights which photos would be best for printing based on comments and likes].” Say you have a friend with an approaching birthday. You can search her pictures to find shared memories or experiences and print them out for her. For photophiles, that could be a pretty thoughtful gift.

If you want to print photos without accompanying information, you’ll have to do it through the Walgreens photo site. From there, you can import Facebook photos and create everything from single prints to photo books. Users cannot yet create books, canvases or other fancy photo products through Photo by Walgreens, but that’s something we hope to see in future iterations.

Visit Walgreens' website, check out their BIC profile and follow them on Twitter @walgreens.