What the FOAF?! Hello, Chicago!!

March 4, 2013

A FOAF is the Friend of a Friend - the best possible way to get things done.  Whether networking for your career on LinkedIn or meeting new people socially -- the "Friend of a Friend" network is most people's go-to place to find new connections for various purposes in day to day life.

We are over-joyed to announce we moved the bulk of operations to Chicago-- permanently.  On February 14, we launched our beta site in Chicago after a successful launch of FOAF events in Minneapolis last year.  Chicago is a city, close to my heart, that truly embraces the helpful notion of Friend of a Friend.  Almost daily, I hear the welcoming phrase, "I gotta guy for that_______".  Fill in the blank.  If you're a Chicagoan, you might even take this for granted, but, believe me, this isn't something that happens everywhere. 

At the risk of this post sounding like a big ol' commercial, know that I simply want to introduce our company and concept to you, and maybe you "Gottaguy" who would benefit by our product. 

Our company, aptly named Friend of a Friend, brings this tried and true concept and combines it with the modern way we interact using technology.  Better dating outcomes come from knowing someone who knows someone rather than going it alone only to find yourself "Catfished" (in more extreme cases):  someone pretending to be someone else entirely - as we saw with a certain Notre Dame football player; or maybe, more innocently, duped by someone using an old photo or fudging their age or job description.  Whatever the case, it's a recipe for disappointment and monumental waste of time in too many cases.

According to a large study published last year by Northwestern University, the typical online dating site’s programming algorithms don’t work.  The questionnaires are exhaustive – even annoying, and don’t represent who you are.  Some people either knowingly or mistakenly misrepresent themselves because the profiles aren’t vetted.  And, many people – especially women, are understandably anxious at the prospect of a lone, meet-up with a perfect stranger.
We’ve come to refer to online-dating as stranger-dating because the biggest problem with online dating sites is that a miniscule number of successful relationships actually begin between two complete strangers.  Conversely, 68% of lasting couples report meeting through a common trusted connection.
On our newly launched [beta], called www.MeetFOAF.com , we provide an easy way to meet and/or introduce your friends and FOAFs.  This is the first dating site to actively market to non-single/married customers to be FIXERS (matchmakers for their single friends) So, maybe you want to introduce two of your friends without the pressure or awkward blind date?  Invite them to FOAF and then break the ice – they can take it from there.  If you are single, your trusted network of friends does the vetting for you so you know something about the person before you meet.  We hope the site will help single members find better matches.  We believe, no matter how people meet, the more love in the world -- the better for everyone!
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