Why You Should Relocate To Chicago

November 9, 2017

Moving to Chicago doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, for those looking to relocate to the city, it’s one of the most straightforward moves you may be blessed to make in your lifetime. Not only can families and individual travellers around the world benefit drastically from the reduced cost of living compared to LA and New York, they can enjoy the perks of living in a built-up city surrounded by the incredible Lake Michigan to escape the stress of everyday life. If we haven’t convinced you enough already and you are yet to convince yourself to fill in an American visa registration form, here’s why you should relocate to Chicago!

Stable Job Market

Thankfully, over the last couple of years, Chicago’s job market has significantly improved. In fact, unemployment has fallen dramatically from 8.4 per cent, to now just 6 per cent. No matter whether you’re seeking a position change within your industry, or to change your entire career, there has never been a more convenient time to spread your wings. Plus, with hiring across several professional services on the rise - including the technology industry, IT, healthcare and finance - Chicago is rapidly becoming the social entrepreneurship capital of the United States.

Word Class Nightlife & Dining Experiences

If you’ve ever heard of Restaurant Row, you’ll probably know that it is located in Chicago’s very own West Loop neighbourhood. Here, you can find some of the best-rated restaurants, small eateries and bars in the entire city – and even the entire nation! Additionally, you’ll be able to party in the bars until the very early hours! How does 4am closing sound?

Lake Michigan

Undoubtedly, Lake Michigan is one of the best things about living in the largest city in the state of Illinois, Chicago. The extensive Lakeshore boasts an array of beautiful beaches and magnificent sand dunes of Grand Haven from North Avenue Beach to the infamous Montrose Beach. With more than 18 miles of adventure trials and areas suitable for biking and hiking open to the public, people of all ages can enjoy Lake Michigan. 

Shoppers Paradise

We can’t deny it – Chicago really is a shop-aholics paradise! The Magnificent Mile is crammed with an array of high-end retailers, entertainment and dining options. This vibrant, bustling commercial district is perfect for those who believe in the phrase ‘shop til’ you drop!’ But, if you’re not interested in following the tourist-ridden crowd, you can find a charming shopping district running alongside Halsted and Armitage, where you can find a pleasant mix of upscale shopping opportunities.  

Summer Fun & Festivals

Just like us, those that reside in Chicago live for the summer months and the warm climate and fun that comes with the season.  Summer is ultimately the best time of year, with countless festivals and an extensive range of concerts to choose from, including Pitchfork and the Windy City Lake Shake, you can also find a new beach to explore practically every 1,000 metres!

Rich History & Culture

If you’d like to spend an entire day scouring museums and masses of monuments, then look no further that the idealistic city of Chicago. As a city known for its bold architecture and seriously impressive skyline, there is so much to see and explore. From ice-skating in Millennium Park and taking a snap under the 3.7 metre high arch of Cloud Gate commonly known as ‘The Bean’, to climbing to the very top of the Willis Tower, there’s little time for rest!