Will Write iOS Application for Licenses

January 6, 2012

Hello Chicago,

I am a passionate developer inspired by the Chicago Technology Scene enough that I have attended the last two Software Craftsmanship North America conferences. I currently live near OIympia, WA and work in the heart of downtown Seattle. My friend Sarah Gray suggested I post here.

I am interested in getting more into iOS development. I have written some prototypes with XCode and MonoTouch. I really like MonoTouch and would really like my own license, so I can create some personal applications and play in the space. But sadly am unable to afford it at the moment.

That is where you come in. If you would like a simple iOS application for your organization and are willing to fund the purchase price of an Apple Developers license and a MonoTouch license, I will develop an application for you and walk it through the Apple submission process to get it up on the App Store.

Here are some more details:
Apple Developers License: $99
MonoTouch Professional License: $399
Payment Method:PayPal

Example of what I can do with the MonoTouch Trial. This application consumes and displays both RSS & Twitter feeds as well as showing some nice existing web content. This is the type of application I am offering to build for you.

You can get a sense of what kind of developer I am and what interests me by checking out these things.

Sound like a deal? Are you interested? Contact me.