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Real Estate, Friends outside of work, 1M-5M amount

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Enterprise Web • Real Estate
At IngeniousIO our mission is to turn the Architect, Engineering, Construction, and Owner industry upside down. How does a small start-up turn a $10 trillion industry upside down? By building a game changing application, on leading edge technology, with high energy employees, and 100% customer focused approach

Friends outside of work
Eat lunch together
Group brainstorming sessions
Dental Benefits
Local Employees
The Minte
On-Demand • Real Estate
The Minte hires employees (not contractors) who are staffed at your building. All Minte housekeepers receive benefits, including health insurance and PTO, and have career paths to management. Additionally, we have a three day training program and, of course, perform background checks and are fully insured and bonded.

Friends outside of work
Eat lunch together
Daily stand up
Open door policy