Catflix Benefits Overview

We value our employees at an unrivaled level. You need to take a couple years off to figure out your next career path? We got you! If you have student loans, as an employee of Catflix, you will be able to say "I use to have student loans", we'll cover it. No car? Our employees have access to full parking lot of fully gassed cars at your disposal. If your hungry, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. Have steak on steak on steak for lunch.


Volunteer in local community

Partners with Nonprofits

Health Insurance & Wellness Benefits

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Disability Insurance

Dental Benefits

Every tooth every day is covered.

Vision Benefits

We have an in house LASIK surgeon and optometrist. Put your name in our Google doc for an afternoon LASIK session. It's like seeing cats in HD for the first time.

Health Insurance Benefits

Life Insurance

Heaven forbid something may happen to you, but in the event it does, your family automatically gets 50% ownership of Catflix.

Pet Insurance


Wellness Programs

We have a personal trainer named Chaz Planco, looks just like Ryan Gosling, like super jacked. He hosts classes 3 times a day in our state of the art gym. I'm talking spot on to Ryan Gosling. #cray

Onsite Gym

Yep, Ryan Gosling looking guy runs it. Chaz Planco.

Retirement & Stock Options Benefits

401(K) Matching

Company Equity

You automatically get 1% of the company as an employee.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

We by stocks for you, you can buy them if you want, but that's your decision. Tell us how many you want each month, actually just tell Randall at the front desk, he handles it.

Child Care & Parental Leave Benefits

Generous Parental Leave

We have new mothers get dropped off to work 16 years later after their baby boy gets his license. Take your time, parenting is hard.

Remote Work Program

Legit don't have to come into the office, but be warned, you'll miss the cats.

Family Medical Leave

Employees who have been with the company for 12 months are eligible for 15 weeks of family medical leave.

Vacation & Time Off Benefits


We try to be forward thinking and progressive as all get out at Catflix. Unlimited vacation is such a 2017 thang. We have unlimited Sabbaticals.

Paid Holidays

All major holidays, including days that start with the letter T are considered holidays.

Perks & Discounts

Beer on Tap

Nope, our taps are completely clean. Won't find a single drop on our taps, but in our taps, straight loud mouth soup. Come get you some.

Free Daily Meals

Three square meals a day and snacks for days. We also provide tupperware so you can bring some home to the fam.

Game Room

There is a Chucky Cheese on the 14th floor w/ pool access free to all employees.

Pet Friendly

Heh, you serious Clark? CAT-flix, so yah!

Professional Development Benefits

Job Training & Conferences

Richard Branson and Mark Cuban are here every 3rd Wednesday of the month. They wear tight shirts and drop knowledge.

Tuition Reimbursement

Catflix believes no employee should have a student loan. It's rude of the college to think you owe them. Did they buy the keg? No you did.

Diversity Program

We are the Epcot Center of employment, every division and team looks like you are on the It's A Small World Ride. Catlfix is the most equal opportunity of employers you can possible have