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Project Manager

1 month ago
The Project Manager role is an ideal opportunity to experience working in a fast-paced growing business while directly impacting high-level company priorities. The role is a great fit for candidates who take pride in being process-oriented, and can also operate in controlled chaos. The PM will work closely with our senior leaders, ideally keeping them out of the weeds while maintaining organization of project details, like scope, timelines, deliverables, and resource allocation. Understanding the scope and goal of every project will be key, so you can work with stakeholders to set milestones and deadlines and then ensure projects are delivered on time. An important aspect of this role is remaining unbiased and neutral between departments, so as to facilitate productive conversation and negotiation of deliverables and resources. Reporting to senior leadership on progress, blockers, resource needs, and other items is critical, so discretion on when and what to elevate is crucial.