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Operations Associate

| Chicago
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At Ethos, we are creating the conditions for everyone to thrive at work as Chicago’s leading company culture consultancy with a diversity, equity, and inclusion focus. Since launching less than a year ago, the company has grown over 400% quarter-over-quarter.

As the Operations Associate at Ethos you will be responsible for simultaneously accelerating and stabilizing that growth by building the infrastructure necessary to transform the company into a sustainable operation. As a true generalist from a systems perspective, you will oversee all aspects of growth across clients, operations, and marketing and communications.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop in several areas, eventually choosing a path in operations, company culture consulting, or learning design based on your experiences.

The Objectives You’re Here to Meet

  • Partner with the CEO to build the “Ethos System” for startup culture.
  • Ensure Ethos executes with excellence for clients through project management, especially by managing and improving existing systems.
  • Enhance the organization’s operational effectiveness through process optimization.
  • Build and strengthen the Ethos brand by overseeing all branding and marketing strategies, initiatives, and campaigns.
  • Support the CEO in all operations relevant to the internal workings of the business.
  • Support the CEO in developing client deliverables and executing client trainings and workshops.

How You’ll Meet Those Objectives


  • Proactively seek opportunities, especially through process improvements, to surprise and delight clients.
  • Fully own quarterly client appreciation events from start to finish including ideation, strategy, execution, and measurement.
  • Serve as a co-facilitator on major live trainings and/or coordinate other co-facilitators.
  • Fact check and proofread all final deliverables for clients.
  • Conduct research on special client projects in order to provide more robust and useful recommendations.
  • Take on ad hoc projects to help with the production and implementation process.

Operations and Systems

  • Optimize the existing CRM to track referrals, organize unstructured data, collect detailed notes, and unlock other potential benefits.  
  • Manage and track all client engagements, progress, milestones, and metrics in the Ethos client management system.
  • Analyze client management system data to better understand time allocation and make improvements.
  • Serve as the owner of administrative responsibilities, including executing on them and/or delegating them to other team members and contractors.  

Marketing and Communications

  • Manage social media accounts to promote Ethos and client activities. 
  • Manage all client marketing tools, including one-pagers, overview decks, resource guides, and any other client-facing collateral.
  • Prepare proposals and make pricing suggestions based on the Ethos value-based pricing model tool.

What We’re Looking For

  • People Person: You are applying for this role because you care about people deeply. You want to help them be better at work, and you want to make work better for them. You are especially motivated by equity – ensuring that everyone gets an opportunity to start from the same place and succeed, no matter where they started.
  • Surprising and Delightful: Maybe you came from retail, spent time in customer support, or started out in hospitality; maybe you didn’t. But regardless, your driving purpose at work is to make clients happy, especially by thinking up new ways to give them what they want and need before they have thought of it themselves.
  • Organizer Extraordinaire: You believe every problem is solvable… with a list. You are meticulous and orderly in every aspect of your work, and have the task management systems to prove it.
  • Systems-Obsessed: You are obsessed with building processes and systems, and nothing brings you greater joy than seeing a project through. You’re more interested in designing the steps needed to reach an outcome than anything else at work.
  • Motivated by Projects: You love variety, and you are never happier than when you are working on several different projects at once, especially ones that don’t always overlap.
  • Enthusiastic Communicator: You enjoy writing and speaking, and you find yourself always improving these skills, even when they don’t directly apply to your work. When you do write and speak, you do so in your own joyful voice.
  • Experience: We’re flexible on experience prefer 1-3 years.

How We Invest in You

  • Compensation: We offer competitive compensation including performance bonuses after one year. The starting salary for this role is $45,000.
  • Career Development: Ethos is a company culture consulting firm that specializes in career growth and talent development, which means our employees get the best of all we have to offer for their own personal development.
  • Book Learning: At Ethos, “readers are leaders.” We cover the cost of two books a month, whether in print, digital, or audiobook form. It doesn’t matter if the books are professional, personal, or both; the only question we’ll ask is if we should read them, too!
  • Continuing Education Stipend: After one year with Ethos, all employees receive a $1,500 quarterly stipend for education, whether it is through conferences, classes, or anything else that furthers learning.
  • Health Insurance: Health and wellness matter to us. That’s why we pay 80% of premiums and sponsor a wellness program.
  • Vacation Time: We encourage employees to take the time they need to bring their best selves to work, which means we offer an open vacation policy.
  • Flexible Officing: Ethos is a client-facing company, which means we spend 75% of our time at client locations. If you’re not onsite with clients, you’re welcome to work from anywhere, whether it’s a coffee shop, your home office, or a co-working space.
  • Tech and Gear: New employees receive a company-issued Macbook Air, as well as a pair of headphones to make officing anywhere easy.

More About Ethos
We believe every growing and growth-stage company should be a best place to work. With our proven toolset, we shape talent and culture to achieve extraordinary business outcomes. By focusing on diversity, hiring practices, visioning, and career progression we help growing and growth-stage companies build incredible – and incredibly diverse – company cultures that fuel their success.

Our values help us achieve our vision for the future.   

  • Start with Why: We always know the “why” behind everything we do.
  • Always Learn: We are more focused on becoming better than being the best.
  • Talent Is Practice: We believe that talent comes from consistent, dedicated practice and that practice is just as important as the craft itself.
  • Give to Receive: We believe by giving, especially mindfully giving to those who need our help, we create opportunities for our own future success.
  • Build a Better Future: We believe in possibility and the potential for future growth and see every challenge, obstacle, and experience as an opportunity.

If you want to learn more about what we do and why it matters, visit: ethostalent.com.



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