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Do you love to travel and want to help others explore the world? 
Do you want to work in a dynamic, fast-growing company with a strong international flavor? —  Yes? Great!

Compensation (averages):

Year 1:  $60K - 70K per year. 
Progressive commission and bonus increases for years 2 & 3. 
Year 2: average $75k - 80K.
Year 3:  average $85K - 95K+. 
ITA Senior Admissions Advisors (2+ years experience) average over $90,000 a year in wages. 
If you're hired here, it's because you'll be great.   
Note: This is a 100% commission position.

Work Hours:  40 hours a week
Monday - Friday: 10:00am -7:00pm

Prime Chicago North Side Location:
916 West Diversey Parkway, Chicago.  (The job is in Chicago, not a remote position)
Our office is 1 block from the Diversey brown line stop; free street parking is available during work hours.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  September 1st, 2018, the sooner the better!


International TEFL Academy (ITA) is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing TEFL training schools for teaching English abroad. 
We train & certify over 5,000 students a year to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and we help them make their dreams come true of getting paid to live around the world teaching English. 

We believe in 4 core practices for a great TEFL school:

1. Great pre-enrollment advice from a trained admissions advisor (that's your job)
2. The finest teacher training with professional instructors and accredited classes
3. Lifetime job search guidance to help our graduates find English teaching jobs across the globe
4. Providing networking opportunities that enable our students & graduates to make social and professional connections worldwide


Imagine an office full of coworkers who have all lived abroad & traveled the world. We like to have fun, are full of positive energy, and believe in an egalitarian work environment where each team member contributes and everybody’s ideas are valued. Yes, we have a pantry stocked with food, a lounge to take a nap, and all kinds of music playing on the radio. Yes, we have those funky desks that go up and down. Yes, there are monthly company outings, a yearly staff trip, and opportunities to travel in the U.S. and/or abroad. 

  • Our office environment is open, progressive, sunny, colorful, and fun to match the personalities and philosophy of our staff. This is very much a team environment.
  • We only hire employees with great integrity who are honestly passionate about traveling, teaching, learning, and helping others explore the world through teaching English abroad. You will be an ambassador for our company's mission and integrity. 
  • We are one of the largest TEFL certification schools in the world and we are growing quickly. We seek hard-working people with initiative and a desire to learn and grow with the company. Ongoing training & professional development is a key part of working at International TEFL Academy.
  • Work hard. Travel often. Team chemistry and having fun are key elements of the company culture at International TEFL Academy. Our "Fun Committee" organizes monthly company outings and happy hours in and out of the office. We have taken our staff members on company-wide trips abroad to Nicaragua, Colombia, and Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria) in each of the past three years as a bonus! 
  • Great pay & benefits (more on that below).
  • To know us better, take a look at our Vision Statement, it's not just something we drafted up to look good, it's what we believe.


  • This is a sales oriented commission job, but you are also an advisor and in some ways, even a life coach. You won't be selling widgets, copy machines, or cell phones; you will be selling the life-changing adventure of living abroad and top quality training that enables people to achieve their goal of living and traveling abroad as an English teacher. 
  • Educating Your Students. You will work with prospective TEFL class students who have contacted us regarding their interest in teaching English abroad. Your primary job will be to educate them on the world market of teaching English abroad; what their options are for places to teach based on their personal qualifications; and determining their options of our TEFL training courses based on their personal needs & circumstances. You are paid based on their enrollment into our courses.
  • Providing Personal Guidance. You will be speaking and corresponding with 50+ new people every week and registering over 20 new students a month. You will need to ensure you are very thorough in explaining the different options of working in 50-60 different countries.  You will become an expert in understanding the worldwide job market for English teachers, including matters like visas, hiring requirements, salaries, and start-up costs. All advisors receive extensive & ongoing training so that you are prepared to discuss these matters accurately with your students.
  • Personal Communication Skills are Key. You will spend the bulk of your time corresponding with prospective students through phone calls, email, in-person meetings, and webinar presentations. A typical student takes 2-4 weeks to make a decision to enroll into a TEFL course, but many may take several months. You may correspond 4-10 times with a prospective student to educate them and guide them through the process of deciding to go abroad and selecting the appropriate TEFL class option.
  • Producing Articles & Other Content. Everyone on staff contributes to our media content. Great content, including articles and videos, is key to better educating consumers and to attracting new prospective students to our site and our services.
  • Other Projects. You will be expected to contribute to other departments & projects within ITA, in areas such as alumni, social media, video, writing, charity, ambassadors, innovation, and others. This comes down the road after you are settled into your position.
  • Presentations. All advisors participate in presenting our monthly information sessions at our offices in Chicago and presenting live webinars.  We also visit universities, recruiting fairs, and participate in panel discussions.


  • International travel experience.  Everyone in our company has lived and traveled abroad extensively. That’s the club you're joining to work here. Teaching English abroad, study abroad, work abroad, volunteering abroad – these are examples of the type of international experience we are looking for (not a two-week vacation in Mexico or Europe).  You need to “get it” and help others “get it.” 

    (You must have taught abroad for AT LEAST 6 months to be considered for this position. If you have never taught abroad, you must have extensive experience in international education including living abroad for at least 6 months consecutively or will not be considered.)
  • Two years of experience in a professional work environment. This can include your experience teaching abroad.
  • Excited about helping people see the world. You LOVE helping people go overseas. You probably like talking people’s ears off about how great it is to see the world, and you'll take great pride in helping others enjoy the life-changing international experience that teaching abroad offers.
  • College degree in any field. Yes, your liberal arts degree will finally pay off, and you can make a real career at ITA that is well-served by being well-read and possessing a worldview! You have a degree in International Studies? You've found the only job in town that is excited to know about it.
  • Highly personable with excellent communication skills. Ideally, you have more friends than just your roommates. Excellent communication skills are required: written and verbal. You will spend several hours a day on the phone and several more writing. If you can’t talk and relate to people it’s not going to work out.
  • Highly organized and efficient. No kidding, you can’t fake it. You just have to be organized with attention to detail as you'll have to manage thousands of prospective students in a database. You will constantly be juggling various projects, working on various deadlines, and you will need to make the most of your time to maximize your potential.  You'll be provided with state-of-the-art tools and training, but if your organizational skills are weak, you will struggle in this position.
  • Be a fun person!  We all have fun together, travel, and celebrate together. We’re serious about not being too serious.
  • Team player. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we seek team members who are committed to contributing to the growth of the company in addition to meeting and exceeding their own personal goals. 
  • Ambitious:  You want to do your job extraordinarily well (to start) and to grow into opportunities in the company in the future. Nobody wants to leave this company. Simple as that. We are growing from within, and we are eager to help you move forward in a career.  As a young growing company, new leadership opportunities are created all the time, but to take advantage, you need to see the big picture and earn such opportunities by contributing to our growth every day.  
  • Eager to put in the time, energy, and commitment to be great at your job. We are looking for people that have GRIT and relish the learning and hard work required to be an exceptional Admissions Advisor. 
  • Must interview in person: Candidates must be able to interview in person at our offices in Chicago, IL. We understand there are many candidates living outside of Chicago and abroad, but we still require applicants to be available to interview in person. We also need applicants for an October 1st start date. If the timeline and interview location requirements would not be possible for you, feel free to submit your resume/cover letter for future openings and notate it on your application. Thank you for understanding!
  • Preferred Skills - TEFL Certified; taught English abroad; experience in sales, recruiting, or presenting; familiarity with Hubspot and Salesforce software.


  • Training bonus: $3,000 training bonus after the first month and a $1,000 training bonus after the second month to ease the transition to sales. Ongoing training & professional development are major reasons we are the best in the world at what we do. The first two weeks of the job encompass an intensive sales and advising training regimen followed by continued support and guidance from a personal trainer for three months and then weekly training with the staff. 
  • Compensation: Refer to the compensation breakdown at the top of this post. If you are hired here, it's because you are a great fit and will excel. Straight commission isn't for everyone, but the compensation is there for those who work hard at a fulfilling job serving the prospective students. Follow our training and advice and you will make your commission on track. We will train you, provide continued support, and offer very generous compensation for people who do their job well, serve our students, and contribute to the company atmosphere and growth. We also look for ambitious people who want to grow into other responsibilities later in their career and we try to promote from within.
  • Insurance: Medical/Dental after 30 days.
  • Time Off: 4 weeks in the first year! Really. You'll receive 10 vacation days and 10 personal days off year 1 and then increases of days off each year after that, our veteran staff have 8 weeks off. Since this is a 100% commission job, time off is not paid, but we want our employees to be able to take plenty of time away and do what they love: travel! Your fellow advisors provide coverage for you during vacation so that it's possible to still bring in income while away. That 4 weeks does NOT include the annual week-long company trip which you get off and we pay for. 

    We believe it's important to "get out of Dodge" and refresh yourself; especially to get out of the country and continue to travel. We take pride in offering pay and bonuses that enable even first-year employees to travel abroad at least once a year. Also, please, take a mental health day when needed, we trust you will come back ready for action. Added vacation comes with longevity in the company. You also receive monthly work from home days after 6 months of employment.
  • Performance-Based Contests. We all love healthy competition and are always running contests for the admissions team.  Top prizes include airfare vouchers and even free trips to our franchises abroad (Mexico, Costa Rica & Nicaragua, for example).
  • Profit Sharing:  We take great pride in the quality of services that our team provides for our students, and we are proud to share annual profits with our staff based on their time spent working and building the company (eligibility begins after 6 months of successful tenure with ITA).
  • Maternity and Paternity leave:  Here’s the deal, 3 months total leave of which 2 months are fully paid, and 1 month is optional unpaid or part-time at the office or from home. Get some sleep and take care of that newborn baby and send us pictures. If you aren’t having kids now, we hope you will be working with us years down the road when you will definitely appreciate this policy.
  • Yearly Staff Trip Abroad: A paid trip to a foreign country each year with the entire staff! The ITA staff went to Nicaragua in 2015, Colombia in 2016, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria in 2017, and the Dominican Republic this year in 2018.
  • Sick days:  If you are sick, stay home and get well (and don’t get us sick), we’ve got you covered. You can also work from home if quasi-sick (cough, cough).
  • Work from home days: After six months of employment, you are eligible to work remote for up to 5 days a month and we are expanding more work remote days for those with tenure here.
  • Trainings: Opportunities to attend conferences, trainings, and recruitment events in country & abroad.
  • OTHER: Gym membership; Way too many snacks, beer, coffee, ice-cream, fruit, soda, and more often than not, we find a reason to get a cake. Monthly company outings. Bring your dog to work, we love them!


Growth and expansion of our company. We have 20 admissions advisors on staff and we need a few more to effectively attend to all of the prospective students contacting us.  We are hiring new advisors for an October 1st start date.



Please Send:  
1. Resume (Word or pdf), please label document with your name.

2. Cover letter including: 
- Countries lived, worked, studied, and/or traveled. 
- Tell us why travel is important and how you would love to talk to people about seeing the world (we will evaluate your writing and communication skills)
- What are your other hobbies and passions in life? We want to know the person who will sit next to us 8 hours a day and end up on a trip abroad with.

3. When you are available for interviews (M-F) and when you can start if hired.

4. Best phone number and time to reach you for a call.

5. Email subject line:  Admissions Advisor Job Application

6. Please tell us which job site you found us on, or if you were referred by a friend.

(Hint: We do look to see who follows our instructions, and your quality of writing is important, so please take the time to write a well thought-out cover letter.)

Email:  [email protected]

We only respond to applications via email, please no calls.  We like your initiative to walk in the door, but we have a lot of applicants for this job, and it is a major process to evaluate each candidate.

Once your resume is submitted, we will reach out to you if you have been selected to proceed with any potential next steps of the application process. If you have not heard from us by September 10th, we likely moved forward with other candidates for the Admissions Advisor role. However, we will keep your resume on file for other potential future positions that could be a good match.


Application/interview stages:  

1. Submit resume and cover letter for review

2. Brief phone call or Skype (We will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk)

3. First interview

4. Submit writing sample

5. Panel interview

6. Final interview w/ the ITA President


Here at International TEFL Academy, as global citizens, we recognize that diversity and inclusion are vital to the culture of our organization. International TEFL Academy is an equal opportunity workplace.


Good luck and yes, cheers to you for making it through this lengthy job post! 

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