39 Chicago Startups Raised Over A Quarter of A Billion in Q3 2013

Adam Calica

This morning, Built In Chicago and The Mayor's Office released a joint statement on the extraordinary growth of the digital technology sector, you can read it here.

The Chicago digital technology sector had its second best quarter ever in funding in Q3 2013 with $265M in funding raised (second only to Q1 2011 when Groupon raised $950M). It's worth noting that the actual funding number is likely much higher due to T. Rowe Price's investment in GrubHub, however details of that transaction were not disclosed. 

Three companies were acquired in Q3 2013 (Braintree, Train Signal, Power2Switch, MarketMaker4) and exits totalled over $846M+. 

File 29101

Check out our company directory to see the latest fundings, launches and acquisitions: http://www.builtinchicago.org/companies

Previous Chicago startup reports can be viewed here.

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Ross Gordon
SilkRoad may not be the best name for a startup at the moment...
Ezl Liu
thanks for your concern Ross. I'll take my chances if it means I end up with as many BTC as you did.

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