19 Chicago Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms to Know

Looking for a list of the top recruiting and staffing firms in the Windy City? Look no further.

Written by John Beyer
Published on May. 09, 2024
19 Chicago Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms to Know
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Whether you’re making a career change or looking for your next team member, the hiring process is easier with an expert or two in your corner.

Top Chicago Recruiting Firms & Staffing Agencies

  • Built In
  • HireWell
  • Wunderland Group
  • Robert Half
  • LaSalle Network

Chicago is home to plenty of top flight recruiting firms and staffing agencies, but sorting through the options can be overwhelming. We’ve broken things down into the top staffing and recruiting firms in Chicago that will help you find your next job or hire, no matter the skill set.


Tech Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

built in recruiting firms chicago
Image: Built In

Built In

Built In connects in-demand talent with thousands of companies, from startups to large enterprises, looking to fill technical and expert-level roles. It focuses on boosting employer branding while publishing industry-leading content and news to target highly skilled candidates. 5 million tech professionals visit Built In every month. Learn More.

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hirewell recruiting firms chicago
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HireWell is a full-service recruiting agency, but the company was originally founded as an IT staffing firm and still bills this as one of its core services.


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CultureFit is a women-owned IT recruiting firm based in Deerfield, IL. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, trying to staff up with software engineers or find the perfect business analyst, CultureFit will work to match you with the right tech candidates.


Sales Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

victory lap recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Victory Lap takes a lifecycle approach to sales recruiting, offering a suite of certification programs for job seekers and hiring companies. The company’s training programs are developed to the specific needs of each client, ensuring they receive the right tools and training.


chicago sales recruiters firms
Image: Shutterstock

Sales Recruiters Chicago is selective with new clients, only working with companies that understand what it takes to hire elite sales talent. It’s not an approach most recruiters are familiar with but job seekers surely appreciate the idea. The first line of Sales Recruiters Chicago’s professional philosophy is delightfully to the point — “We place people, not paper.”


peak sales recruiting chicago
Image: Peak Sales Recruiting

Peak Sales Recruiting was founded by former sales professionals with decades of experience in the field. Because of their experience, the company has a unique insight into the needs of its clients like P&G, Deloitte and Gartner. According to its website, candidates placed by Peak have generated more than $1 billion in incremental revenue since 2010.


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Creative Services Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

artisan talent recruiting firms chicago
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Artisan Talent takes an empathetic approach to staffing — with a motto like “humans helping humans,” you sort of have to. At Artisan, their team works hard to get to know job seekers and employers to ensure they make the right match.


wunderland group recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Wunderland Group knows that every project is unique, so the company offers an array of hiring services for creative and marketing positions including hourly, contract to hire and permanent placement solutions.


creative circle recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Creative Circle provides businesses with marketing and creative services, as well as talent acquisition services. One of its offerings is a studio and flex bench team, in which experience creatives come alongside you and act as an extension of your team.


24 seven recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

24 Seven Talent has a more narrow focus than many companies on this list, focusing on the staffing needs of industries like e-commerce, fashion, beauty and retail.


Financial Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

brilliant recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Brilliant is a staffing firm that specializes in technology, accounting, finance, tax and audit professionals. Based in Chicago, Brilliant serves clients across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the U.S.


marco and associates recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Marco & Associates was born when two former colleagues reunited after 15 years of independent, entrepreneurial endeavors. Today, the firm is one of Chicago’s leading boutique financial staffing agencies. Marco & Associates’ managing partner sold his first recruiting agency to an international firm in 2007, so these folks are no stranger to the staffing industry.


Legal Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

atticus recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Founded by former practicing attorneys, Atticus Recruiting has become one of the city’s top legal recruiting agencies, placing candidates everywhere from boutique law firms to Fortune 500 companies. Atticus Recruiting’s founder is a consultant to the Office of Career Services at the University of Chicago Law School.


HR Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

arlington resources recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Arlington Resources has carved out a spot as one of Chicago’s go-to human resources recruiting firms, which is no small feat as few groups are as well versed on recruiting as HR pros. Arlington Resources is a member of six of the country’s most prestigious human resources industry associations.


General Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

robert half recruiting firms chicago
Image: Robert Half

 Founded in 1948, Robert Half is one of the nation’s oldest and largest recruiting firms. A pioneer of professional staffing in the 1980s, Robert Half now serves numerous verticals, including finance, legal, creative and more.


michael page recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Michael Page is another member of the recruiting industry’s old guard and it has learned a thing or two over the years. These days, the company follows a regimented 10-step process to help its clients find and hire the right people.


lasalle network recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

Founded in 1998, LaSalle Network has been a staple in Chicago’s recruiting landscape for 20 years. Today, the company works with employers and job seekers in a variety of fields, from accounting to technology and everything in between.


chicago hire company recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

The Chicago Hire Company is smaller than many other recruiting firms but its size isn’t a limiting factor. At Chicago Hire, all senior team members are Certified Personnel Consultants and the company boasts more than 50 years of cumulative recruiting experience.


Multicultural Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

my future consulting recruiting firms chicago
Image: Shutterstock

My Future Consulting helps its clients connect with and hire multicultural candidates. As more companies commit to equitable hiring practices, My Future Consulting will be an increasingly valuable partner. My Future Consulting has placed candidates at some of the country’s most successful companies, including Merck, Morgan Stanley and Accenture.


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