Don't settle for boring. 6 Chicago tech companies that want to hire you

Andreas Rekdal

Sometimes the best way to move up in your career is by exploring opportunities at a different company. And in the startup world, where companies can grow by multiples over the course of a year, getting into a company at just the right stage could land you a senior level position before you know it. If you're ready to take the leap and put in the work, consider applying at one of these companies. 

What they do: SpotHero helps drivers reserve parking spots in advance and find discounted parking spots on the go. With operations in 14 markets across the country, this booming startup has parked over three million cars to date.

Coolest perks: A great benefits package, free snacks, weekly lunches, flexible vacation times and a casual work environment.

A note from the company: "SpotHero hires people who are looking to change the trajectory of their careers,” said Head of HR and Talent Elissa Beckman. “People who thrive here are open to learning and growing, are high energy and very comfortable in a constantly evolving, fast-paced environment.”

What they do: One of the world’s most exciting AI companies, Narrative Science translates data sets into plain English. The company’s Quill platform has been used by Forbes to write finance stories and by Deloitte, Nuveen and Credit Suisse to generate financial reports.

Coolest perks: Standing desks, flexible vacation, catered lunches, free snacks, regular company outings, free gym access and a computer of your choice.

A note from the boss: "We are looking for people to join our team who are excited to work on revolutionary technology and help shape the future of the company,” said CEO and co-founder Stuart Frankel. "Ideal candidates will have a strong work ethic and will have a keen interest in the fields of artificial intelligence and natural language generation."

What they do: DRIVIN’s data-driven inventory sourcing platform helps used car dealerships optimize lots for their specific markets.

Coolest perks: Unlimited vacation, a daily lunch stipend, regular happy hours, full benefits and a sweet new office.

A note from the boss: “At DRIVIN, we are looking for people who share our passion to disrupt a traditional industry with data,” said CEO Kayne Grau. “That means we need people who are smart, driven and act like owners — making decisions in the best interest of the business. Our team works hard together and celebrates wins together. It’s a fun environment.”

What they do: With offices In San Francisco, New York City and Chicago, among others, 3Q Digital is one of the country’s leading digital marketing agencies. The company’s work covers everything from analytics, SEM and SEO to social, display, mobile and video advertising.

Coolest perks: Unlimited paid time off, a flexible work from home policy three days a week and free catered lunches on Thursdays. The company also offers each office a monthly perk budget that local employees can spend however they please.

A note from the boss: "Digital marketing changes daily, and we need people who can chew up fresh developments and spit them out into great results for our clients,” said CEO David Rodnitzky. “We sharpen problem-solving, reward those hungry to evolve and adapt, and provide all sorts of training to produce first-class marketers with industry-best skill sets."

What they do: A global leader in experiential marketing, eshots’ list of clients include Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Keurig. The company provides brands with the technology and training they need to go out into the field, generate leads and convert them into sales.

Coolest perks: Flexible work hours, summer hours, 401K matching, remote working and a pre-tax transit program.

A note from the company: “Our best people embody our H3S culture, which stands for someone who is Hungry (never gives up, never gives in), Humble (passion is for the team and vision, not individual performance), Helper-minded (a helper mentality, whether at work, home or in the community) and wicked Smart (seeks constant and continual improvement),” said HR director Olga Spivak. “We love to see our talent exhibit perseverance and have a servant heart.”


What they do: One of Chicago’s fastest-growing health tech companies, SwervePay lets patients pay their medical bills via text message. In doing so, they increase convenience for consumers and reduce administrative costs for healthcare providers.

A note from the boss: "At SwervePay we have a relentless focus on data quality, automation and patient engagement tools that enable medical practices and hospitals to provide a consumer-friendly payment experience to their patients with cost transparency and estimation and convenient payment options at every step of the patient journey," said CEO Jaeme Adams. “We are growing dramatically and are seeking candidates in HR, software engineering, sales, marketing operations, and customer success roles.”


Images via listed companies.

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