Is Affiliate Marketing in Your Future?

Jim Lillig

Is your business ready to invite affiliates to your party?  You have heard the hype and the stories of successes like Amazon and Gropun that havebuilt their companies firtunes on the backs of affiliate marketers.  But is it right for your business.

Affiliate marketing requires a business to know what its strengths and weaknesses are, as a good affiliate will certainly determine this before they begin working with you. You need to ask yourself hard questions about how you want to promote your business online.  Affiliates can open up a new channel that has the potential to explode your business or cost you more headaches.

One thing that has always been true of affiliates, is that they are creative.  More creative than many advertisers would like in some cases.  As a business you need to ask yourself if adding affiliates to your business will positively or negatively impact your present online and offline marketing efforts.  And how you will create an afiliate program that does away with the neagtives and focuses on the positives.

Before you jump into the affiliate mareting pool, I highly suggest you read this article, as it will help give you a framework to view affiliate marketing for your business.

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