Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2013: Introducing Career Cheetah

Jody Michael

The Cheetah Has Pounced!

Please welcome our video submission for the 2013 Chicago Lean Startup Challenge for Career Cheetah. Our individualized research-based process helps people discover their best career fit. Our mission is to help individuals definitively answer the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?  A question that remains relative regardless of age.  
Weíd like to thank all of our teachers, mentors and fellow challengers our tribe for this great opportunity.  Weíve learned so much beginning on day 1!  Between the weekly meetings, lunch & learns, and all the support weíve gotten from the Built in Chicago Lean Startup leaders and alums, participating in this challenge and learning the lean start-up method has propelled our business forward.  It's an experience we will never forget! 
We greatly appreciate the guidance weíve received!  Best of luck to everyone.
The Career Cheetah Team
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