Congratulations to Maria and Adam on the relaunch of Built In Chicago

Matt Moog

Built In Chicago launched nearly 18 months ago using Ning,  the simplest and cheapest social platform available.  As it grew and Maria Katris came on board to manage our growth, it became apparent that we had outgrown Ning.  We wanted to add a company directory and a job board and improve other areas of the service.  The problem was that we had no technical staff.  So like any lean and mean startup we found a contractor who knew Drupal and started working with him to move the site to the Drupal platform.  Unfortunately 75% of the way into the project he totally flaked out and fell off the face of the earth.  Fortunately our friends at Duo Consulting helped us pick up the pieces and push toward a full launch. 

Unfortunately Ning does not make it easy to leave their platform.  And Drupal is also missing some social features that they really should have.  So everything was a little harder than we would have liked.  But Maria and Adam worked every angle to get it done.  

The site now sports a much cleaner and more usable design.  We have our fair share of kinks to work out, but the big challenge of getting off of Ning was the first big step.  So bear with us as we work out of the kinks.   And thank you to everyone who was shared the love on Twitter.  Finally, thank you to Stedfast Networks for providing awesome and speedy hosting services. 

So congratulations to Maria and Adam and thank you for your tireless devotion to the Chicago digital tech community.  

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Michael Silverman
Congratulations to you Matt, and Maria and Adam as well. This was a huge team effort and more than half the people at Duo worked on this project. Special thanks to the core team - Marc, Michael, Kris, Fred, and Scott and additional help from Kelly, Brian, John, and Gordon. We couldn't have done it without all of your efforts. We worked nearly 1,100 hours in only nine short weeks! We took it over, cleaned up what was there, implemented what was missing, migrated the data, implemented the new design and carried it through to completion. Thank you everyone for a job well done!  
JC Garrett
Cheers to the BiC team! We all appreciate your contribution to the Chi-town tech/entrepreneurial community!
Liz Kammel
It looks amazing - love the new site!!
Bill Scheurer
hip hip hooray! thanks for all you do!

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