Crain's covers Chicago's scene in focus this week

Mark Roth

Good to see some coverage of Chicago, a few solid articles for the week:


Quick jump to Crains right here...

... and I also pulled a few headlines after the jump on the full blog posting...


Chicago is a far cry from Silicon Valley, but local VCs see fresh investment opportunities

Read more:


Startups backed by Lightbank hope Groupon founders' magic rubs off

Read more:


Seed-stage investors and incubators aim to help Chicago tech startups put down roots

Read more:


Apex Venture Partners aims to nurture seedling tech companies


Hyde Park Angels takes a hybrid approach to angel investing

Read more:


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Ann Dwyer
Thanks so much for spreading the word, Mark!  Hope you liked the section ... Steve Hendershot is doing a great job of covering the local tech startup/VC scene for us at Crain's.

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