Culture, Kids, and 1871

Frank Muscarello

We are in Week 2 since moving our company into 1871 and since that time I have learned some amazing things about myself and feel fortunate to be a part of 1871.  We have been able to watch as more and more influential people within the Digital Landscape have been walking around 1871,  holding meetings, or spending time within a truly spectacular facility.  It was just last week during Easter (or Passover) that I brought my family to 1871 for a quick tour. The girls were all excited with the paintings and the size of the facility and quickly rushed for a razor to skate around the place.  The girls were zooming by having a great time chasing one another just enjoying themselves.

My son, wife and I walked around and he looked up at me with huge eyes and said "Dad, Can I come with you to Work everyday"?  "This place is awesome".  It was at that exact moment that I realized there is something special about this place.  Something that you can feel, shape, and share within these walls that can create unreal companies.

He made me realize (as they always do) that the key to creating a sustainable and vibrant company is that you must create the right culture and truly love what you do.  You must have fun being in the environment, learning and constantly putting yourself out there for growth.  The culture must invite mistakes and risks to happen in order to evoke real change and real progress.


There are some amazing companies there now and imagine what it will be like after May 2nd.  1871 has all the ingredients to make that happen and it's up to us for our kids to execute.

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Frank Muscarello
Karthik-It does put things into persepctive as to what type of legacy we are trying to leave behind for our kids.
Frank Muscarello
thank you for sharing
Karthik Chandramouli
A key part of creating a thriving startup culture in Chicago is not only tending to the fledgling companies that are trying to get off the ground here, but also taking time to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who will really be the ones that benefit from the efforts of Built In Chicago, 1871, Excelerate Labs, and so many more.

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