kCura’s B2B Board Game Plays Well with Family

Katie Johnson

File 46007

Working in the tech industry, we all know that it can be hard to come home at the end of the day and try to explain our work to our loved ones. No one knows it better than those who work for B2B companies—it’s even harder explaining software that folks wouldn’t hear about if they weren’t in the industry. kCura faces this challenge on a daily basis with their e-discovery software. Attorneys might understand the intricacies of culling data and using text analytics to find the hot doc in a crucial case, but it’s not exactly dinner conversation.

To fight the conversation lull, this fiscal quarter kCura has decided to package the challenge of e-discovery in a family-friendly board game. You thought you didn’t know how to navigate the e-discovery reference model? Now it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump across Processing Prairie to Production Mountain. Exchange evidence, collect data, and teach your two-year-old that the quickest way to review their document is through the Assisted Review slide. Who said that B2B couldn’t become an after-dinner adventure?

Check out the board game—and if that's not enough information on e-discovery for you, check out Relativity, kCura's e-discovery software.


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