Wine Shepherds - Chicago Lean Startup Challenge

Joseph Sheahan

Here is our (Wine Shepherds) video showing our learning throughout the 2012 Lean Startup Challenge.  It was quite a journey and I am thankful for it.  Thank you for everyone who has helped along the way (especially Dominic Blank and our amazing advisors), and those who have suffered because of it!

Check it out:

I would love to hear your feedback!

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Joseph Sheahan
The evolution continues! As the concept grows, so has our name. We have finally landed on our permanent name "savvo digital sommelier solutions." Check out our new website:
Joseph Sheahan
I forget to list the most important lessons learned from the challenge, so here are my top 5: 1) There is no substitute for talking to people (we would have never gotten the same insight by sending out surveys - the original plan) 2) Finding the right mentors could literally make a break a venture. Ours were so instrumental in helping us find get to where we are today. 3) The product development cycle: if you are going to ask them what their problems are, you better be willing to listen and think past the solution you have in mind. 4) The product development process: interviews are awesome, but there are a lot of other tools to test market demand. Find out what people are already looking for online and what ads spark their interest enough to click on it. 5) Just because people "like" a concept, doesn't make it a financially successful business once you look at things like the margin, CAC, and LTV.

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