It isn't pre-pay, it's PayPrior!Our is the first web-enabled consumer service that allows groups of friends to pay for bottle service prior to going out. PayPrior’s story began in December of 2010 after founders Matthew Rossetti and Blake Nielsen were stuck covering a large bottle service bill for their friends. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time either of them had problems collecting money from drunken friends... After talking to scores of similarly-situated, unsatisfied patrons, it was clear: the problem was much larger than they had originally anticipated. Thus, they embarked upon a journey to change the status quo. Along their journey, Matt and Blake picked up followers throughout the nightlife industry, mentors from a diverse professional background, and finally joined forces with co-founders David Fishman and David Pilla. The collaboration of this combination culminated in nothing short of a revolutionary force: How PayPrior WorksPayPrior works by allowing its users to choose the venue of their choice, select bottle and beverage preferences, and invite their friends and acquaintances to join them for the bottle service experience. Most importantly, PayPrior allows for groups of partygoers to collectively pay for everything, including tax, tip, extras, and more, before they even walk out the door! At first glance, it appears that PayPrior only solves a nightlife patron problem. However, extensive research and customer development shed light on other problems that haunt night club owners around the country. The chaos and drama that results from inebriated friends attempting to split three, four, and sometimes even five-digit bills during the early morning hours often leads to dish-washing patrons. With PayPrior, this problem is completely eliminated. Remember: It isn't pre-pay… it’s PayPrior!

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Founded: 2012
Local Employees: 4
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Consumer Web, Food, Music, News + Entertainment, Other, Payments, Travel

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