Kimberly Valentine
Staff Writer at Built In, Brand Studio

Kimberly Valentine is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. Prior to joining the company in May 2022, she edited thought leadership articles written by senior leaders and executives for publication on Forbes, Business Journals, Fast Company and other online business publications. She has reported on topics ranging from remote work to employee benefits for Senior Executive Media and has worked as an editor and writer for print magazines in the travel and lifestyle space. Kimberly holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in communications.

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Coworkers take a lunch break.
These Chicago tech companies have found their groove with hybrid work, satisfying employees’ need for connection while continuing to offer the benefits of being remote.
Intelsat office outdoors
With the acquisition of Gogo Commercial Aviation, Intelsat is expanding the potential of in-flight entertainment and exposing engineers and developers to multi-orbit satellite capabilities that connect people on the go, at home, in the air or at sea.
collection of diverse business people in flat cartoon style
ERGs that develop organically, with employees leading the charge, are positioned to make the most positive impact.
Illustration depicting Sales funnel and lead generation.
Building a successful sales pipeline that hits quotas and functions over the long run requires preparation, attention to detail and time management.
Ontra group photo
There’s no one better for asset managers and legal professionals to speak to about their time-consuming administrative processes than someone who can say, ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I want to show you a better way.’
team leader standing near flipchart, explaining company development strategy to smiling mixed race group of colleagues
Implementing a sales enablement tool effectively requires a sales-minded approach.
Summer Tech Watch Banner with woman working on a a laptop
As summer is heating up, so too is Chicago’s tech scene. Check out 30 companies that reward their employees with standout perks and benefits.
Overhead view of a diverse group of peopel sitting at a conference table
Leaders at five Chicago tech companies share why employees whose values match their company’s values strengthen the team while also diversifying it — and what they’re looking for in their next hires.
An illustration of a light bulb with speech bubbles inside of it
From hackathons to time-blocked collaborations, leaders at Discover, Ensono and two other Chicago-based tech companies are leading the way in cultivating creative environments.
Wooden cubes with speech bubbles on them linked to each other with lines on a yellow background
To encourage open and honest communication, engineering managers must lead by example.
The famous signage at Wrigley Field in Chicago
Employees share what drove them to join their companies and the work and perks that inspire them most, including projects they’re passionate about, supportive team cultures and remote flexibility.