Content Descriptions

Built In has several teams publishing a wide range of content — some paid, but most of it editorially independent. To maintain full transparency with our readers, this page outlines our different content types, how they are labeled and which content team is responsible for each.


Editorial Content

Built In employs reporters and editors to produce articles — features, news, explainers and more — that are designed to instruct, inform and inspire both established and aspiring technology professionals. We cover industry challenges with an eye toward solutions, highlighting how tech leaders and individual contributors alike can make a difference. We do not cover negative news stories about individual companies — like scandals, layoffs or shutdowns — irrespective of whether the company partners with Built In.

Our editorial team, which operates independently from Built In’s other content teams, embraces industry-leading journalistic standards and best practices for all of the stories that we choose to pursue. Editors maintain complete control of all editorial content, including publishing date and status; headline and promotional copy; article text and hyperlinks; company placement; and all accompanying art, photography and other multimedia elements.

Types of editorial content you’ll find on and across our market sites includes but is not limited to:


Expert Contributor Content

Built In’s expert contributor program publishes thoughtful, solutions-oriented stories, commentary and dispatches written by innovative tech professionals in the trenches at businesses — from local startups to multinational corporations — across the nation. This detailed, insider section aims to inform and entertain an engaged tech audience by combining competitive insights with artful storytelling. It aspires to be the industry’s definitive destination for sharing compelling, first-person stories about overcoming challenges on the road to innovation.

Contributors to this section are selected by our editors, and experts cannot pay Built In to contribute to this section. Expert columns are labeled with a badge indicating the author is a member of the Built In Expert Contributor Network.


Features, Guides & Explainers

Built In’s features, guides and explainers seek to tell compelling stories about technology and the workplace through original reporting. Our features range from big-picture overviews of industry and workplace trends, to deep dives into specific technologies, tools and best practices. Some of our features are written for tech professionals within a specialization or industry — the specializations we cover include software development, data science, design, sales, product, marketing and HR — while others are written with a broader audience in mind. What all our features have in common is that they seek to help our readers become more informed and better at what they do.

Built In’s features, guides and explainers do not carry any specific labeling on our sites. Sources are independently selected by our reporters and editors, and companies cannot pay to be featured in these stories.


News & Local Coverage

Built In’s news coverage is a mix of quick-hit aggregation and value-add original reporting on funding announcements, new office openings, product launches, IPOs and other trending stories in major tech hubs across the U.S. The aim of our news reporting is to consistently deliver engaging, timely and accurate information that keeps our audience up to date on the innovative companies and thought leaders worth knowing in every city and region we cover.

With the exception of the Weekly Refresh series — a roundup of the biggest local stories from the past week — our news stories do not carry any specific labeling on our sites. Stories and sources are independently selected by our reporters and editors, and companies cannot pay to be featured in Built In’s news coverage.


Content Newsletters

Built In regularly sends a curated content newsletter that is designed to provide a selection of high-quality, engaging stories to our users based on location and area/s of expertise. As a subscriber, you will not see everything we publish; you’ll only see the stories we feel are most relevant to you and your work. All of the stories included in Built In’s newsletters are produced by one of our in-house content teams.


Brand Studio

Built In offers a paid Premium Partnership wherein we work with companies to highlight their cultures, values and job openings to potential candidates. Built In is paid by Premium Employers to be included in specific content types, listed below. Built In’s Brand Studio maintains editorial control and decides when and why a company fits into a subject matter of our choice, including inclusion in an article, publishing date and status, headline, text, company placement and photography. Built In’s Brand Studio maintains complete control of all Brand Studio content, including inclusion in an article, publishing date and status; headline and promotional copy; article text and hyperlinks; company placement; and all accompanying art, photography and other multimedia elements.

Stories produced by this team are labeled with a Brand Studio badge. Story types produced by Built In’s Brand Studio include:


Employer Roundups

Curated lists based on presence of open job postings, office space photography, perks and benefits, company culture, hiring philosophies, thought leadership and more. We publish themed lists that contain both paid and non-paid inclusions. Paid inclusion is designated by an “Employer Roundup” badge. [[Example]]


Employer Snapshots

An easily digestible feature showcasing a member of a Premium Employer’s team, recent projects, company culture, and thought leadership. [[Example]]


Insider Spotlights

An in-depth feature interviewing a Premium Employer’s team, which can include original photography executed by Built In photographers. [[Example]]


Insider Videos

Documentary-style video capturing a Premium Employer’s perks and benefits, company culture, office highlights, and more. [[Example]]


Update Policy: Features, Guides & Explainers

A core pillar of our content strategy — which aims to inform, instruct and inspire current and aspiring tech professionals — is to publish features, guides and explainers that serve readers for months (or even years) beyond their original publish date. But even the best stories become dated eventually, and sometimes the first version of an explainer might omit details that are important to understanding the complete picture. To ensure that our evergreen coverage remains relevant and accurate, Built In’s editorial team will sometimes make updates to published features, guides or explainers.

The extent of these updates can vary. In some cases, an added section will suffice to add new context, explain new developments surrounding a topic or provide relevant examples. In other cases, we may determine that an explainer would serve readers better if it were restructured, or that it might benefit from taking a broader view of the topic. In nearly all cases, this process will be additive: The core components of the original story will remain alongside the new details that ensure the article’s continued relevance.

When a story is updated by someone other than the original author, our editors will credit the new reporter. In certain cases, where updates constitute a majority of the current version of an article, editors may change a story’s byline and credit the original author for creating the first version of the story.