Kim Conway
Staff Writer at Built In

Kim Conway is a staff writer for the Brand Studio at Built In. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from Illinois Wesleyan University, she went on to write and edit a variety of entertainment, art and lifestyle content for both digital and print publications. Prior to joining the Built In team, Conway committed to her curiosity and completed Code Like a Girl’s Foundations of Web Development course where she learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As a co-founder of Brand Studio’s Fun Club, Conway believes work can—and should—be fun. She is dedicated to fostering community, culture and space for recognition within her department. Her favorite industry topics to cover include women in tech, healthcare technology and company culture.

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Two software engineers looking at code on a monitor
For these Chicago-based engineers, seeking out user feedback early on unlocks a still-developing feature’s full potential.
Reception area in the Green Thumb office
Contrary to what one might think a job in the cannabis industry entails, the passionate tech team at Green Thumb Industries touches more lives than they do plants.
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In the presence of collaborative, supportive teams, these five local leaders are making an impact on the development and lifecycle of their products.
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Whether diving into data lakehouses or doubling the size of their teams, these fintech leaders are thinking deeply about how to expand resources and care for their engineering teams during periods of rapid growth.
Home Chef coworkers having a team huddle around a table
Between the implementation of a translation device in plant locations to benefits that reflect and adapt to the needs of employees, Home Chef is taking a holistic approach to supporting team members.
Two diverse female designers smiling while working together at a boardroom table during a meeting in a modern office
By tapping into common emotions and experiences, these seven local leaders are leaving a lasting impression on women — both in their companies and the surrounding tech industry.
illustration of a woman sending emails and messages with a finger touch
With thoughtfully crafted messages and data-driven solutions, these sales leaders stand out against their competitors.
Illustration of a freelance employee working as a genie appearing from their laptop
Rather than confining employees to a traditional work structure, this local fintech company is focusing on freelancers as the future of their workforce.
Illustration of a business leader pointing his four employees in the right direction
From healthtech to IT, operations leaders are at the helm of company-wide goal implementation.
Image of four interview candidates sitting in a row, only shown from the neck down.
Job candidates are put in a place of vulnerability — here’s how companies can meet them there.
Image of a magnifying glass over one missing piece in an otherwise completed puzzle.
Perfecting a process calls for planning ahead — especially when it comes to data.
Image of yellow cartoon-like slices of cheese in a grid pattern on a navy blue background.
The trick to seeing through a challenge? Charge ahead with change by using cheese — metaphorically speaking.