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Front End Developer salary in Chicago

Average Base Salary in Chicago

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $90K
Min: $55K
Max: $133K

How Much Does a Front End Developer Make in Chicago?

The average salary for a Front End Developer in Chicago is $90,484. The average additional cash compensation for a Front End Developer in Chicago is $5,753. The average total compensation for a Front End Developer in Chicago is $96,237. Front End Developer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Chicago from anonymous Front End Developer employees in Chicago.

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Front End Developer jobs in Chicago

Senior Front End Developer

1 week ago
As a Front End Developer at Sittercity, you’ll join a squad of teammates drawn from a variety of disciplines, working to solve real problems for thousands of users. You’ll have direct input into product decisions, and help ensure that your team’s work helps parents and caregivers connect efficiently and safely. Our stack is in transition, with both an older Rails monolith and a newer client web app that uses Vue and GraphQL. You’ll have the chance to help plot a course from where we are to where we want to be. You’ll work with teammates to execute feature code, refactor existing functionality, write unit and integration tests, and strengthen our platform. We value diversity of opinion, openness to feedback, and continuous learning. We strive to produce quality software, and you’ll join us in our ongoing quest to improve our tools and skills.


1 day ago
We are actively seeking a strong Front-end Architect who will work with our application development teams to architect industry leading applications which provides premium user experience. This role is both Architect / Mentor/ Development Lead to our development teams. This high-profile position within our organization is vital to continued success of the application development practice.

Front-end Software Engineer

2 months ago
We want a Front-end Software Engineer who is passionate about taking design compositions and bring them to life on the web in a full-stack environment. You'll be collaborating with top-talent designers and developers, working with the latest technologies and helping to guide the team on the latest front-end standards and practices. You should be just as good at HTML and CSS as you are with Javascript, being able to use any of these tools to create web applications to help our internal and external clients through the mortgage process.

Senior Front-End Engineer

2 months ago
As a Sr. Front-End engineer on the restaurant team, you will be working with product managers, designers, and other engineers to figure out what needs to be done to build a feature, plan it out, and then execute – sometimes individually, sometimes leading a small group of other front-end engineers. This role will be a lot of heads-down development, but it also requires good communication with others, wise translation of product requirements into features, and sometimes directing the work of others.

Technology Director, Front-End

2 months ago
The Technology Director, Development and Inclusive Design role is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of the consumer-facing web and mobile applications. This includes directing all front-end development efforts to meet product requirements, support, and iterative improvements. The role requires proven experience in planning, designing, developing and deploying performant, scalable and resilient web applications.   Additionally, you would be working with many stakeholders across the globe in design, experience, product, legal, marketing, training, communications, social media, external suppliers/agencies/developers, and senior leadership to drive forward world class experiences for everyone including customers with accessibility related needs.


1 month ago
As a Product Manager for Conversant’s Inventory Platform, you will be a part of a fun, collaborative, cross-functional team tasked with building our Conversant’s publisher web application, Convex by Conversant. In this role, we are looking for a Product Manager who understands the needs of publishers’ and our internal publisher management team, and translate them into our web application and UI features.  You will be responsible for managing and driving the product roadmap, creating product requirements and launching them for external customers and internal users.    

Front End Engineer

1 week ago
As a Front End Engineer at VillageMD, you will develop software to improve clinical outcomes and revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. We're in a unique position to impact everyone in primary care from independent, family-owned practices to premier health systems. We aggregate, process, and deliver rich data sets to improve the effectiveness of primary care for our doctors and patients. In this role, you will be instrumental in supporting and guiding our vision for enabling applications that reduce friction for clinicians instead of increasing it with unnecessary data input. As a lead engineer focused on user interfaces, you will be influencing every touch point we create including mobile, web, and voice, chatbot, as well as mentoring and guiding other engineers on user interface components.

Senior Front End Engineer

1 week ago
Develop or maintain Java application including designing, coding, testing, debugging, and deployment as needed. Recommend new technologies and methodologies to management for meeting business needs. Provide technical advice and assist in solving programming problems. Comfortable in a modern software engineering environment using the latest technologies and tools. Ability / Skill-set to use the best tool to get the job done. Review the work done by other team members to make sure it adheres to the standards. Possess the ability to create new solutions; we operate on a cloud-based platform and are constantly facing unchartered waters. Strong desire to build products that will have a daily impact on one of the World’s largest industries. Play an influential role in growing project44 to the industry leader in technology.

Front End Engineer

1 month ago
DRIVIN is looking to expand our development team as we continue to innovate the used car industry. The candidate should have a strong background in JavaScript development and be comfortable using React and Node.js frameworks. As a member of the front end development team the main responsibilities are implementation and maintenance of data rich UI applications. The candidate should be able to implement and maintain products working closely with developers, data team and Product Owners to implement data rich applications. This candidate should be comfortable making implementation decisions for the UI layer given the product vision from the Product team.

Senior Front End Engineer

1 month ago
As a web engineer, you’ve had experiences delivering real-time, data-driven web applications and supporting them in production. You can explain your debugging process and how you tackle technical debt. You are comfortable learning and evaluating new languages and libraries. You are able to demonstrate discipline in promoting and adhering to style guides and developing best practices. You are deeply committed to refactoring and testing your code while keeping other developers in mind. You enjoy conducting peer reviews in the spirit of constructive collaboration. You also have hobbies and interests outside of work! Your main responsibilities will be the implementation and maintenance of data-rich UI applications across desktop and mobile devices. You will communicate often with platform developers, data engineers, QA, and product owners to set and meet expectations.

Senior Software Engineer - Front End

4 days ago
As a Senior Front End Software Engineer at Lumere, you will use your programming expertise to enable us to deliver comprehensive perspectives on clinical data and trends, as well as opportunities for our health system clients to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. The successful candidate will be a curious and experienced front end engineer who wants to make a direct impact in our healthcare system. In this role you’ll be focused on building out the front end of our solutions, with heavy exposure to the work we’re doing with Vue.js and the Django Rest Framework.

Lead Software Engineer, Front End

5 days ago
The Lead Software Engineer is responsible for building world-class software solutions over a wide variety of challenging and interesting use cases. The ideal candidate is passionate about technology, loves contributing in a team environment and is driven to produce only the highest quality software solutions.

Front End Developer Salary ranges

The most common Front End Developer salary in Chicago is between $90k - $100k.

Average Front End Developer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Front End Developer make the most at companies with 500+ employees, earning $94,548 on average.

Front End Developer Salary by gender

The average Front End Developer salary for women is $80,571 and the average Front End Developer salary for men is $90,845.

Front End Developer Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a Front End Developer with 7+ years of experience is $107,625. The average salary for <1 year of experience is $76,833.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Chicago

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $71,717
Min: $42K
Max: $93K
QA Engineer $78,065
Min: $50K
Max: $110K
Software Test Engineer $90,435
Min: $70K
Max: $120K
Front End Developer $90,484
Min: $55K
Max: $133K
Android Developer $96,077
Min: $65K
Max: $122K
iOS Developer $100,848
Min: $52K
Max: $160K
Automation Engineer $102,783
Min: $65K
Max: $240K
Software Engineer $103,447
Min: $73K
Max: $155K
Salesforce Developer $107,647
Min: $66K
Max: $135K
Security Engineer $109,214
Min: $80K
Max: $135K
Sales Engineer $110,673
Min: $55K
Max: $160K
DevOps Engineer $113,368
Min: $75K
Max: $170K
Data Engineer $115,380
Min: $70K
Max: $165K
QA Manager $121,381
Min: $78K
Max: $170K
Senior Software Engineer $129,532
Min: $89K
Max: $180K
Data Architect $137,094
Min: $68K
Max: $190K
Engineering Manager $145,460
Min: $101K
Max: $206K
Principal Software Engineer $149,541
Min: $120K
Max: $225K
Director of Software Engineering $179,741
Min: $140K
Max: $240K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $201,920
Min: $110K
Max: $310K
Vice President of Engineering $208,526
Min: $125K
Max: $500K

Skills that affect Front End Developer salaries in Chicago

6% have this skill
6% have this skill
5% have this skill
2% have this skill
2% have this skill
1% have this skill

Recent Front End Developer salaries in Chicago

Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $105,000
7+ Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $95,000 with +$9,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $100,000 with +$10,000 in additional cash compensation
3-5 Years of Experience
11-50 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Web Engineer reported a yearly salary of $90,000
< 1 Year of Experience
11-50 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $105,000
3-5 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front end developer reported a yearly salary of $76,500
3-5 Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $72,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Business Transformation Consultant reported a yearly salary of $88,000 with +$10,000 in additional cash compensation
< 1 Year of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $85,000 with +$10,000 in additional cash compensation
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Front End Developer reported a yearly salary of $70,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
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