5 awesome jobs for writers and content folk at Chicago tech companies

Sam Dewey

Finding a good writing job in Chicago isn't always easy. But it can be — if you know where to look. Once content marketing, distribution, and SEO became an essential tenet for many tech startups, landing a full-time writing position in the Second City became a little bit easier. The competition remains fierce, so we rounded up five top Chicago tech companies in the market for the most well-turned writers around.

Technical Writer at Uptake

Why it's cool: Uptake is a master problem-solver. Armed with its mines of data science, Uptake partners with leading enterprises to help find solutions to some of the toughest problems in business.

What you'd do: As a Technical Writer, you’ll be in charge of writing content to help users navigate Uptake’s platform in a way both contextual and informative. You’ll be the expert of Uptake’s subject matter as you establish standards in quality, style, tone, and clarity.

Who they're looking for: Uptake wants passionate writers with an unquenchable curiosity for technology. You’ll need a bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or development to get your foot in the door.


Writer at Veritas Health

Why it's cool: Veritas Health has four websites that net almost 20 million pageviews a month. Knowing that your work is being read — and that it’s helping patients across the country better understand information about their health — is rewarding, indeed.

What you'd do: Research, write, and edit the highest-quality health information anywhere on the web, alongside Veritas' smart and passionate team.

Who they're looking for: At Veritas, you'll need to have a strong work ethic and top-tier writing, editing, and proofreading skills. Bonus points if you have experience writing SEO-friendly content or patient education materials.

Senior Copywriter at Raise.com

Why it's cool: Raise is a smart idea that’s growing fast. An online marketplace for unwanted gift cards, Raise is taking the retail industry by storm, and they want you to help them out.

What you'd do: You’d be a brand champion, delivering the sharpest copy for Raise’s customers and partners. You’d also helm forward-thinking creative strategies, inspiring the rest of the creative team to follow suit along the way.

Who they're looking for: You'll need 5-7 years of agency experience with a track record of producing sensational copy to land this gig. If you’ve got traditional content creation or marketing experience, you might be a foot or two ahead of the competition.

SEO Specialist at Sprout Social

Why it's cool: Sprout Social is the whiz when it comes to social media. Just ask one of their clients – a list that includes some of the world’s biggest brands, like Anthropologie, GrubHub, Hyatt, and Spotify.

What you'd do: You'll be responsible for anything and everything SEO, from content development and creation to optimization strategy.

Who they're looking for: If you've got 1-2 years of experience with SEO and a pulse on SEO best practices and trends, you might want to consider shipping in your resume.


Interactive Writer at Jellyvision

Why it's cool: What’s a tech company without perks? Thankfully, Jellyvision’s known for them. Besides their myriad of traditional benefits, Jellyvision offers some truly out-of-the-box cultural perks, like an in-house yoga class, free food, and an on-site massage chair.

What you'd do: Writing for Jellyvision is different than most tech writing gigs in that their writers are writing for the ear. You’d be writing a whole host of communication for the company’s audio-visual endeavors in a way that's both entertaining and informative.

Who they're looking for: Jellyvision likes funny people. They also like smart people, creative people, motivated people, and people who can speak and write in Spanish. But any combo of those characteristics will do.

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