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Albert accelerates learning outcomes through interactive practice for over 200 academic subjects. We believe that the best way to master anything is to "learn by doing" and offer high school and college students the most effective and accessible learning tool ever made. As educations becomes ever more digitized, Albert is positioned to be the global leader in technology-enhanced practice materials for academic subjects.

● Our web application is written in modern Javascript (ES6) and built with React and Flux. 
● To handle external API data in our client, we wrote a library called Vaska: 
● Our API services are built with Elixir, Phoenix, and PostgreSQL. 
● Our iOS and Android apps are being developed with React Native. 
● We run on Google Cloud using Kubernetes and Docker. 
● We use Webpack and Mix as our build tools. 
● We test with Selenium and WebdriverIO running through Mocha and Chai for acceptance tests, Jest for unit tests, and ExUnit for the API.

As a Frontend Software Engineer you will work with modern Javascript libraries to create beautiful, interactive, and responsive interfaces that help people accelerate their learning.

We look for people who are passionate learners, work well in teams, and take pride in their work. It is not as important to us that engineers have specific experience with React, so long as they bring strong relevant experience.

Specifically, the following skills are helpful:

● Experience in developing single-page applications with Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, Ember, or Polymer. 
● Familiarity with Javascript design patterns and capabilities like promises, closures, block-scoped constructs, modules, and singletons. 
● Expertise with writing HTML5 and CSS3 for mobile responsive web applications. 
● Experience writing automated tests for Javascript-powered client applications. 
● Superior problem solving and prioritization skills. The ability to consider a solution for right now, a week from now, and a month from now and strike the right balance to deliver value to users.

● You’ll work some of the brightest, kindest, and most passionate people anywhere. There is something magical about working with like-minded people at a mission-driven company and you get every bit of that at Albert. 
● You’ll have the satisfaction of watching your work reach millions of students and teachers each year and feel good about your impact on the world. 
● You’ll get to use the most cutting edge client and server side tools available. There is no legacy code. All PR’s are peer-reviewed, code is documented and tested, and we take to refactor as the complexity of the app increases. You get to craft software you are proud of and ship in quick iterations with confidence. 
● You will play a meaningful role in the ideation, user experience, design, and testing of new features and never treated as a contract who is handed work without any input. 
● We make sure you can focus on your craft. We offer the best health, dental, and vision insurance available. We have a flexible vacation policy so you can take time to come back refreshed. The office has free snacks, coffee, La Croix, and other goodies. You can have whatever desk setup you prefer. We have sponsored happy hours, outings, and an annual company weekend retreat.

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