A look at Motion AI, available in public beta today.

David Nelson

As announced in VentureBeat, we are incredibly excited to open Motion AI to public beta.

We debuted a prototype on Product Hunt last November, where we reached #1 for the day and earned a spot among the top 70 “hunts” of all-time. Our vision? A platform allowing anyone to visually build, train & deploy chatbots to do just about anything.

In December, we opened and closed our seed round with backing from Crush Ventures, Hyde Park Angels, Fiverr’s Guy Gamzu, quantum computing company 1QBit and others.

“If you can draw a flowchart, you can create a chatbot.”

In the time since, we’ve been busy readying our platform and have watched with excitement as interest surrounding chatbots has continued to rise.

Last week, we began onboarding users of our waitlist to private beta, and today, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of our public beta.

Bots created with Motion AI are designed like a flowchart, which can be as simple or complex as you please — with as few or many branches as your project requires.

At launch, we support bot deployment to SMS, Email, Webchat, Facebook Messenger and Slack. In addition, we offer an API to give developers the flexibility to integrate with other services or roll their own mediums.

A world of possibilities
It’s been a blast seeing how the community uses the platform over the past 7 days—we’re seeing everything from a public opinion polling bot, to a movie recommendation engine and patient triaging bot for a hospital, to name a few.

Combined with webhooks from IFTTT and Zapier, users can build advanced bots that trigger actions on external services — for example: a bot that scans a knowledgebase to handle basic customer service questions, and helps the user submit a support ticket (to ZenDesk, Groove etc) if assistance is still needed. Check out a video of this particular example here.

We are preparing to launch our Bot Store, which will surface curated, pre-built bot templates from our community.

Whether you are looking to build a bot to automate your home, supercharge your customer service process, conduct surveys or do something entirely different, the Bot Store will enable one-click creation of bots for a wide range of usecases.

Launching our platform only scratches the surface of what we have in store… we are so thankful for the outpouring of grassroots support that this project has had from the entire bot and maker community.

Ready to build a bot?
We can’t wait to see what you create. Sign up today and start building! Once you’ve gotten started, we’d love to hear your feedback. Be sure to join our Slack Community of bot makers and enthusiasts.


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