Hey, product pros: These 5 Chicago tech companies are hiring

Andreas Rekdal

Good product managers can be hard to come by. In addition to the technical know-how required to translate a vision into specifications, the product manager needs the communication skills to facilitate dialogue between technologists, clients and business departments. But for those who've got what it takes, there's no shortage of opportunities out there.


Lead Technical Product Manager

What they do: The company behind OMGFacts.com and Dose.com, Dose is a fast-growing digital media outfit that has audience engagement down to a science. Dose’s proprietary technology tracks engagement across social platforms to unveil how content is resonating with readers.

What you’ll do: As lead technical product manager, your job would be to drive strategy for Dose’s adtech product suite. In practical terms, that means partnering with different teams across the company to gather, document and communicate product requirements, suggest new features, and spearhead Dose’s initiative to turn its internal adtech software into a commercially available SaaS product.

What they’re looking for: Someone with at least five years of senior management experience in a product management function, strong technical understanding and, ideally, experience from the SaaS space.


Associate Product ManagerProduct ManagerSenior Product Manager

What they do: Based in Chicago, Devbridge Group is a software design and development company that specializes in agile software development for the Fortune 1000. The company’s clients span industries ranging from manufacturing to financial services and technology.

What you’ll do: Specific responsibilities depend on the role, but all positions include working with client stakeholders and internal development teams to create intuitive technology products.

What they’re looking for: Experience requirements vary across roles, but if you want to join Devbridge’s product management team, a passion for using technology to solve complex problems is a must. You also need strong communication skills, experience with software development and an ability to pick up on complicated concepts quickly.


Sr. Digital Product Strategist

What they do: Specializing in emerging technologies, Solstice works with Fortune 500 companies to build digital solutions for their clients. Solstice’s clients span a number of industries including agriculture, finance and industrial automation, to mention a few.

What you’ll do: Work closely with Solstice’s clients to define and drive their strategies for mobile and emerging technologies. You’d also be responsible for researching and analyzing market and technology trends, managing development of client deliverables and presenting them to the client when finalized.

What they’re looking for: Someone with a business background who’s naturally curious and always interested in staying on top of the latest technology trends. You should also be equally comfortable whether you’re flying solo or leading a team.


Associate Product Manager, API Associate Product Manager, API Product Manager, Product Manager — Reporting and Analytics

What they do: An Aetna portfolio company, bswift builds cloud-based software that streamlines HR functions like benefits and payroll administration for companies across the world.

What you’ll do: Responsibilities depend on the specific role, but bswift’s associate product managers are paired with more experienced product managers for mentorship in their area of expertise.

What they’re looking for: Experience requirements vary across roles, but bswift asks for at least 2 years of experience at the associate level.


Product Manager

What they do: OfficeLuv uses technology to streamline all the processes that keep a company running smoothly. The company offers cleaning services and office supply reorders from a single online dashboard.

What you’ll do: As product manager, your job will be to run Design Sprints, perform user testing and break down and prioritize new features and issues that need solving. You’ll also be an advocate for data at the organization, diving into user testing surveys as well as into data from the product in production.

What they’re looking for: You’ll need at least four years of experience in business analysis, product management and data analysis, as well as with agile processes — preferably with weekly deployments as part of a large team. You also need SQL skills for unveiling important data.


Images via listed companies.

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