Anderson Chen
Staff Writer at Built In

Anderson Chen is a Built In staff writer covering tech companies for Brand Studio. He has been working as a content writer and journalist since 2018. Chen has a degree in molecular environmental biology from the University of California-Berkeley as well as a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. 

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inspirant group co-founders in costume
In 2017, Inspirant Group’s three co-founders came together to start the business. Six years later, as the company embarks on a new chapter, it’s their complementary leadership that’s made it all possible.
image of stax and cardx logos with a purple shade and picture of a credit card in use
Surcharging in the U.S. is a relatively unknown concept, one that could be invaluable for small businesses. CardX is looking to change that.
photo of a big sports stadium shot from the audience stands
At Boingo Wireless, new hires are supported from day one with a robust onboarding process.
photo of uplight's office lobby with tables and chairs
From its origins to its people and products, the green tech company is tackling climate change with a unifying platform and vision.
Group of people handing doing volunteer work.
Boingo’s veteran employee resource group is dedicated to awareness and support.
picture of CNA headquarters with the logo shot from below
Insurance is an aging industry ripe for digital innovation. At CNA, APIs and data-backed analytics are paving the way for a booming insurtech field.
chicago skyline overlaid with data graphs
Data science is one of the most in-demand jobs in tech. Built In Chicago sat down with three companies for the projects and culture that keep their data teams engaged and growing.
three mastery logistics employees sitting on couch with dog
Transportation logistics is complex, involving many moving parts and people. To modernize the process necessitates a collaborative workforce with a unified vision of cutting-edge success.
Oak Street Health team photo at a social event
The healthcare industry is rife with stories of troubling experiences. As a champion for the health of older adults, the team at Oak Street Health is rewriting the narrative.
Illustration of urban city blocks in a seamless pattern
With clear hiring goals and innovative products, Black Spectacles and Origami Risk have skyscraping plans for growth.
a man using a laptop overlayed with graphs and charts
Data scientists are essential support for their companies. In turn, these Chicago companies are supporting them with proper tools, intellectual challenge and a clear mission.
graphic of office building connected to different workspaces
Return-to-office work policies are gaining traction, but some companies are doubling down and letting their employees decide the most optimal ways to work.