53 Chicago tech companies hiring software engineers in droves

Written by Alyssa Schroer
May 9, 2017Updated: July 26, 2022

There's no shortage of software engineer and developer jobs in Chicago, but the following companies are hiring small armies. Everyone on our list has multiple software jobs open now, so if you're looking for a new opportunity, you're in the right place. 


Cat Digital software engineering jobs Chicago
Cat Digital

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 15+

What they do: Cat Digital is famous for building incredibly powerful, yellow-colored heavy machinery that allow for huge advancements in the construction and natural gas industries. Caterpillar Digital is constantly working to optimize the equipment professionals use to map and plan projects, as well as enhance the abilities of operators utilizing the company’s machinery.

Cool Perks: Equal pay policy, generous PTO, flexible work schedule, paid volunteer time, tuition reimbursement, diversity program and time alloted for learning.


Saggezza software engineering jobs Chicago

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: Apexon provides full-stack solutions to businesses and organizations on a global scale, offering consulting, UX, analytics and optimization solutions. The company specializes in providing Paas and SaaS solutions and a modern cloud infrastructure, with capabilities including platform connectivity, process automation, mainframe migrations and more.

Why you want to work there: Unlimited vacation policy, paid industry certifications, documented equal pay policy, onsite gym, team workouts, 401(k) matching and promotions from within.


Stats Perform software engineering jobs Chicago
Stats Perform

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Stats Perform specializes in providing unmatched depth and breadth of data, news and video content, sports research and AI-powered solutions. Committed to changing the way sports are played and consumed by fans, the company works with sports and media broadcasters, tech companies, sportsbooks, teams and leagues, global brands and fantasy providers.

Cool Perks: Flexible spending account (FSA), 401(K) matching, family medical leave, unlimited vacation policy, commuter benefits and tuition reimbursement.


Rally Health software engineering jobs Chicago
Rally Health

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Rally Health is a consumer-centric health experience company that empowers individuals to take charge of their health and collaborates with health plans, care providers and employers to engage consumers. The company is dedicated to providing personalized, data-driven information and recommendations, which can help improve outcomes and decrease costs for everyone.

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, remote work program, unlimited vacation policy, paid holidays and free daily meals.


conversant software engineering jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Helping brands deliver experiences that are human-influenced and data-driven, Conversant’s solutions bring the most out of every consumer interaction. A wide array of solutions are available in intelligence and publishing, as well as digital marketing services focused on retention, acquisition, category and location-driven sales.

Cool Perks: Intracompany committees, onsite gym, intramural sports, remote work program, unlimited vacation policy, game room, free daily meals and casual dress.


Wolverine Trading software engineering jobs Chicago
Wolverine Trading

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3+ 

What they do: Wolverine Trading is a financial institution that specializes in proprietary trading, asset management, order execution services and technology solutions. The company is recognized as a market leader in derivatives, valuation, trading and value-based order execution across global equity, options and futures markets.

Cool Perks: Generous parental leave, generous PTO, paid holidays, paid sick days, free daily meals and fitness subsidies.


Pampered Chef software engineering jobs Chicago
Pampered Chef

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3+

What they do: Pampered Chef offers a variety of quality tools for easy and stress-free meal preparation. Their website features a blog complete with every tip and recipe you could imagine. With the support of their independent consultant network, Pampered Chef is the ultimate outlet for all things food.

Cool Perks: Onsite fitness center, awesome office space complete with bags and basketball, unlimited PTO and generous parental leave.


onemain fintech company chicago
OneMain Financial

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 5+

What they do: OneMain Financial offers personal loans for everything from life events (like weddings and medical costs) to recreation purchases (RVs, cars, boats, etc.). The company offers fixed payments and physical branch locations.

Cool Perks: Performance bonus, generous PTO, a stocked kitchen, a “winter break”, choice of computers and some meals provided.


DFIN software engineering jobs Chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3+ 

What they do: A global leader in risk and compliance solutions, Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) assists in every stage of business and lifestyle investment lifecycles. The company has taken strides in bringing new developments to the fintech industry with expertise in creating cutting-edge software and delivering analytics.

Cool Perks: Generous PTO, paid sick days, promotions from within, stocked kitchen and 401(k) matching


centro software company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3+

What they do: Centro provides software for digital advertisers. The software automates all digital media campaigns across a multitude of channels. Centro gives marketers a centralized location to research, plan and report on their marketing efforts.

Cool Perks: Extensive PTO, adoption benefits, an onsite nutritionist and a free babysitting membership.


KAR software engineering jobs chicago
KAR Global

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: Powering online used vehicle marketplaces worldwide, KAR Global produces technology-driven remarketing solutions that drive wholesale businesses. KAR Global works with manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies and dealer groups, constantly developing new products to enhance user experiences.

Cool Perks: Onsite gym, employee stock purchase plan, flexible work schedule, remote work program, generous PTO, paid volunteer time and tuition reimbursement.


imc trading software engineer jobs chicago
IMC Trading

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3+

What they do: IMC makes proprietary trading technologies used by over 100 trading venues across the world. Initially launched in Amsterdam, IMC now has global offices across three continents.

Cool Perks: Gym reimbursement, commuter benefits, meals provided daily and global travel opportunities.


opploans fintech company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2+

What they do: Opploans allows for flexible loans at a low interest rate. Individuals looking for a loan to pay off their car repair, family or medical bills can receive a loan for up to 36 months with a 99%-199% APR.

Cool Perks: Fully stocked kitchen, free gym membership, intramural sports leagues, flexible PTO and convenient office located in the heart of downtown Chicago.


hs2 solutions digital agency chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 7

What they do: Bounteous develops digital brand experiences for e-commerce companies. The company has developed digital strategy, designed better UX designs and has created actionable analytics for global brands like Wilson and Domino’s.

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, unlimited vacation policy, casual dress, paid volunteer time and a performance bonus


evive software company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: Evive uses predictive analytics and behavioral economics to help companies build out competitive benefits that employees will fully utilize. All benefits are housed in a single platform, and the company’s predictive analytics will help HR personnel identify which benefits an employee needs and when.

Cool Perks: Casual dress, two work-from-home days a month, treadmill desks, a performance bonus, generous PTO, fitness subsidies and student loan assistance.


kenna security cybersecurity company chicago
Kenna Security

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Kenna Security’s software platform helps IT and security teams manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk. The company’s platform monitors a businesses’ systems in real-time and flags vulnerabilities and inconsistencies in systems that could lead to breaches.

Cool Perks: Wellness programs, pet insurance, company equity, unlimited vacation policy, some meals provided and tuition reimbursement.


ascent regtech fintech company chicago
Ascent RegTech

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 4

What they do: Ascent RegTech combines AI and software to help businesses automate regulatory compliance. The company’s platform automatically delivers a firm’s specific regulatory obligations and will alert teams to changes that impact the individual firm.

Cool Perks: Flexible work schedule, unlimited vacation policy, casual dress and a remote work program.


geneva trading fintech company chicago
Geneva Trading

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 4

What they do: Geneva Trading uses proprietary trading technology that combines analytical tools, trade support, risk management and data science to execute trades. WIth offices in Europe and Chicago, Geneva has recently entered the asian market by acquiring the Toji trading platform.

Cool Perks: Performance bonus, flexible work schedule, generous PTO, casual dress, some meals provided, tuition reimbursement and occasional happy hours.


imanage cloud company chicago

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: iManage is a provider of work product management solutions for law, accounting and financial firms. The company’s cloud-based technology combines artificial intelligence with a document management platform to help businesses navigate their growing databases.

Why you want to work there: Generous PTO, performance bonus, occasional company outings and breakfast every Monday and Friday!


tock software company chicago

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: Tock is a platform assisting restaurants, wineries and events companies with reservations, scheduling and communication with customers. The management platform is currently being used in over 23 countries to help eliminate no-shows and streamline scheduling.

Why you want to work there: Generous PTO, casual dress, free daily meals, a stocked kitchen and a BYOD (bring your own dog) office.


transunion fintech company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 15

What they do: TransUnion is a credit and risk assessment firm. The company offers solutions like fraud detection, debt recovery and credit consulting for individuals, businesses and governments.

Cool Perks: Onsite gym, tuition reimbursement, three game rooms, company intramural teams, unlimited vacation policy and an onsite cafe.


spins big data company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: SPINS uses big data analytics to provide consumer insights and consulting to the natural, organic and speciality products industry. The company offers everything from consulting in brand trends to a platform that helps multi-chain stores manage their inventory under one roof.

Cool Perks: Onsite gym, flexible work schedule, casual dress, stocked kitchen and a nutrition program complete with chef-led cooking classes and yoga.


discover financial services fintech company chicago
Discover Fianncial Services

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 25+

What they do: Discover provides a full suite of financial services. The publicly-traded bank offers credit cards, checking and savings accounts and a multitude of loans. Discover has approximately 4,500 employees between the Chicago suburbs and downtown.

Cool Perks: Generous vacation policy, a healthy eating program and a fully-paid tuition for those looking to complete a bachelor’s degree online.


servicenow software engineering jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 6

What they do: ServiceNow is a cloud software company providing solutions for smoother operations and workflows across HR, IT, customer service and more. Enterprises like Adidas, Experian and Magellan Health all use ServiceNow's products to make work life better for their teams.  

Cool Perks: Unlimited vacation policy, tuition reimbursement, commuter benefits and company equity. 


civis analytics big data company chicago
Civis Analytics

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 6

What they do: Civis Analytics helps businesses implement new cloud-based data technologies. The company offers a data-gathering platform that includes tools for predictive modeling and media optimization, as well as big data consultation. Civis boasts an impressive list of global clients like Airbnb, Verizon, Discovery and Robinhood.

Why you want to work there: Generous PTO, 401(k), commuter benefits and multiple happy hours and company outings.


west monroe partners software company chicago
West Monroe Partners

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 9

What they do: West Monroe Partners is a business and technology consultancy. The company offers consultations in digital branding, customer experience and mergers & acquisitions across a handful of industries. With over 950 consultants and 10 offices across the US, West Monroe Partners helps businesses achieve sustained tech success.

Why you want to work there: Unlimited vacation policy, fitness subsidies, meals provided, company equity and occasional company outings.


morningstar developer jobs company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: Morningstar was founded on the basis that everyone should have access to the same investment data that financial analysts have. The firm publishes research and offers other avenues to help ordinary investors make wise financial decisions.  

Cool Perks: Tuition reimbursement, a fitness subsidy and paid volunteer time.


hudson river trading fintech company chicago
Hudson River Trading

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 7

What they do: Hudson River Trading is a quantitative trading firm using math and science in their trading approach. Based in New York, but with an office in Chicago, the company develops trading algorithms that are used to execute trades all over the globe.

Cool Perks: Fitness subsidies, meals provided and a game room called the “play tank”.


shiftgig recruitment company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 4

What they do: Shiftgig connects businesses looking for short-term help with fully-vetted workers. The company gives both businesses and workers the flexibility to work according to their schedules by offering single shift work. Shiftgig’s app also allows workers to keep track of their payments and pick up extra shifts.

Cool Perks: Company equity, casual dress, commuter benefits, unlimited vacation policy and occasional happy hours.


ftd software developer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 6

What they do: FTD, Inc. is a floral and gifting company as well as the parent corporation of numerous brands like ProFlowers, Personal Creations and Gifts.com.

Cool Perks: Casual attire, flexible work hours, fitness subsidy and tuition reimbursement.


wyzant edtech company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Wyzant connects students looking for help in dozens of subjects with a pool of over 80,000 online tutors. Students fill out a questionnaire about the areas they need to improve and an availability schedule, and the company’s software connects them with a vetted instructor. The 1-on-1 software tools include a shared whiteboard and a code editor to tackle some of the more challenging lessons.

Cool Perks: Casual dress, a pet friendly office and generous PTO.


sertifi software company chicago

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Sertifi’s software assists businesses with the last few steps of the sales process. The company has tools that capture eSignatures and process payments at 2.5 times the speed of normal payments processors.  

Why you want to work there: Casual dress code, wellness programs, generous PTO, some meals provided and a flexible work schedule.


peak6 fintech company chicago
PEAK6 Investments

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 5

What they do: PEAK6 Investments manages risk in investments by using proprietary software. Additionally, PEAK6 operates capital management, clearing, strategic capital and sports investments firms.  

Why you want to work there: Onsite gym, generous PTO, casual dress, free daily meals, a stocked kitchen, tuition reimbursement, free onsite yoga and free monthly manicures/pedicures.


strata decision technology healthcare company chicago
Strata Decision Technology

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 7

What they do: Strata Decision Technology is a cloud-based platform that helps hospitals and healthcare providers with financial planning, decision support and continuous improvement assistance. The platform has helped hospitals perform everything from building yearly budgets to pinpointing the right number of staff to manage demand.

Why you want to work there: Wellness programs, stock purchasing options, flexible work schedule, generous PTO, paid volunteer time, casual dress, commuter benefits and some meals provided.


adage technologies software company chicago
Adage Technologies

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Adage Technologies creates engaging digital experiences for e-commerce websites. The company offers services ranging from audience research to building multi-disciplinary e-commerce strategy. Adage has helped the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, American Museum of Natural History and Nobu Hotels manage their online presences.

Cool Perks: Onsite gym, 401(K) matching, flexible work hours, generous PTO and a fully stocked kitchen.


spoton adtech company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: SpotOn combines a payment processing platform with customer engagement tools. The company’s payment software offers low credit processing fees and gathers customer data, while the customer engagement tool reviews the data and turns it into actionable marketing materials. Chick-Fil-A and ExxonMobil are just two of the global brands using SpotOn.

Cool Perks: Casual dress, flexible work schedule, stocked kitchen, game room, some meals provided and an onsite gym.


10thmagnitude cloud company chicago
10th Magnitude

Software Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 6

What they do: 10th Magnitude helps businesses innovate with cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure. The company helps with cloud strategy, application modernization, using AI to manage data and site reliability management.

Cool Perks: An onsite gym, remote work program, occasional happy hours, casual dress and health benefits.


arity machine learning company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Arity’s big data platform analyzes traffic patterns to make the automotive industry smarter and safer. The company analyzes over 30 billion driving miles and provides consultancy to the shared mobility, insurance and automotive industries on how to maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Cool Perks: 401(K) matching, tuition assistance and generous PTO.


rewards network adtech company chicago
Rewards Network

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: Rewards Network helps the restaurant, credit card and travel industries with building rewards programs. The company has helped global brands like Uber and Southwest Airlines to build rewards programs that grow customer bases and create better customer experiences.

Cool Perks: Casual dress, unlimited vacation policy, wellness programs and a performance bonus.


bwsift software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: bswift makes software solutions to streamline payroll, HR and benefits processes. bswift’s tools are designed for all kinds of users, making it easy to navigate for employees, brokers or administrators.  

Cool Perks: Commuter benefits, onsite gym, casual office attire and healthy lifestyle incentive programs.


collective health healthcare company chicago
Collective Health

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: Collective Health offers the first workforce health management system. The company’s healthcare ecosystem helps employees better understand the full extent of their benefits, and allows for companies to use data to scale and modify healthcare options based on their needs. Based in San Francisco, the company opened its Chicago office in 2017.

Cool Perks: Pet friendly office, fitness subsidy, unlimited vacation policy and company equity.


paylocity software company chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Paylocity provides human resource and payment software solutions for companies all over the country. The company offers a wide-ranging suite of software tools including payroll, benefits administration and talent management.

Cool Perks: 401(K) matching, health, dental and vision benefits.


echo global logistics software company chicago
Echo Global Logistics

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Echo Global Logistics partners businesses with specific carriers in order to ensure packages arrive on-time and at a low price. The logistics company connects shippers with carriers in a variety of transportation industries, including truck, rail and international air and ocean.

Cool Perks: Gym membership discount, Divvy bike discount, casual dress and cell phone discount.


drw software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 10+

What they do: DRW is a principal trading firm combining multiple disciplines like research, technology and risk management for the best strategies in trading and investments.

Cool Perks: Commuter benefits, fitness subsidy, daily meals, a game room and many others.


trunk club software engineer jobs chicago
photo via trunk club

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Trunk Club is a subscription-based outfitter sending hand-selected attire straight to each user’s door. Recently expanded to provide clothing for men and women, Trunk Club offers additional ways to shop like Clubhouses for in-person fittings and even custom suits and outerwear for men.

Cool Perks: Happy hours, remote work program, beer on tap, commuter benefits and company outings.


sprout social software company chicago
Sprout Social

Software Engineer Jobs Open: 3

What they do: Used by more than 17,000 brands, SproutSocial’s platform helps businesses grow their social reach with publishing tools, analytics, brand monitoring and competitive insights.

Cool Perks: Parental leave program, Divvy bike memberships, state-of-the-art offices and healthy snacks.


csg international software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 2

What they do: CSG provides business support solutions to guide every part of the customer lifecycle from customer experience to revenue management.

Cool Perks: Tuition reimbursement, fitness subsidy, flexible work hours and general parental leave.


tempus software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 15+

What they do: Tempus is creating the largest library of clinical and molecular data to make information more widely available. With more structured data in the health field, physicians have better tools to make treatment decisions and patients can benefit from the patients who came before them.

Cool Perks: Unlimited PTO, comprehensive health benefits and happy hours.


optiver software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 6

What they do: Optiver is a leading electronic market maker. Focused mainly on pricing, execution and risk management, the company trades a range of products like listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs, foreign currencies and bonds.

Cool Perks: Besides the office’s amazing views of Millennium Park, Optiver provides fully paid health insurance, paid commuting expenses, 401(k) plan, 25 days of paid vacation, daily catered breakfast and lunch, paid commuter benefits and weekly in-house chair massages.


spothero software engineer jobs chicago

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 4

What they do: SpotHero is making the parking situation in cities a tad more bearable. Their app allows users to easily reserve a space for a specific time slot so there’s no circling, tracking down garages or worrying about confusing parking signs.

Cool Perks: Game room, commuter benefits, company equity, remote work program and unlimited PTO.


kCura Chicago Software Engineering jobs

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 9

What they do: Formerly kCura, Relativity builds e-discovery software that manages huge amounts of data, specifically for electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.

Cool Perks: Paid parental leave, on-site gym, a zen recharge room, hotel discounts, low-cost medical, free dental and vision benefits. 


Grubhub Chicago Software Engineer Jobs

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 15

What they do: Grubhub is a leading mobile and online food ordering and delivery service.

Cool Perks: Weekly Grubhub credit, unlimited snacks, flexible vacation time, casual dress code and a private rooftop deck.


vivid seats engineering jobs chicago
photo via vivid seats

Engineer/Developer Jobs Open: 8

What they do: Vivid Seats is a leading online ticket marketplace for live events including sports, theater and concerts.

Cool Perks: Ticket discounts, unlimited PTO with paid family leave, fully paid membership for in-building fitness center, catered lunches and happy hours.


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