4 Tips for Helping Employees Concentrate at Work

Written by Ashley Carter
Published on Apr. 04, 2017

4 Tips for Helping Employees Concentrate at Work

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to get their employees to work harder. Fortunately, you don't have to invest much to help your employees concentrate better at work. Before you hire a consultant to improve your team's productivity, try these four tips.


Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Workspace


It's difficult for employees to concentrate on work when they're coughing, sniffling, and blowing their noses. Unfortunately, many offices and other work areas have poor indoor air quality, which can cause allergic reactions to dust, mold, and other irritants. By improving your indoor air quality, you can give workplace production a boost.


Some common ways to improve indoor air quality include:

  • Placing potted plants around the office
  • Changing your HVAC system's air filter regularly
  • Using an air purifier in busy areas


Provide Snacks to Prevent Midday Hunger

Free snacks may seem like an unnecessary expense at first. Once you see how it improves your employees' quality of work and productiveness, though, you may change your mind.


When you provide snacks, employees can prevent hunger pangs and low blood sugar that make it difficult for them to focus on work. Healthy snacks work better than processed foods that contain a lot of sugar, so focus on options like fruit and granola.


By giving employees healthy snacks, you may see other benefits such as:

  • Lower health-care costs
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better employee retention
  • Improved moods


Require Regular Breaks to Keep Workers Fresh

In a survey conducted by Staples, more than 25 percent of employees say they don't take breaks other than lunch. Many employees think they should spend as much time at their work areas as possible. Some say that they feel guilty for taking breaks away from their desks and work areas.


Some managers may think these people sound like excellent employees. Those who have done the research, though, know that people can't concentrate on tasks for such long periods of time. When people don't take breaks, they become inefficient.


Most states have laws that require employers to give their workers breaks. You shouldn't count on employees to take breaks on their own, though, since some will try to please managers by working longer hours. Instead, you should require breaks that give workers time to recuperate from repetitive tasks and deep concentration.


Let Employees Decorate Their Work Areas

Happy employees find it easier to concentrate at work. Letting your employees decorate their workspaces is an easy way for you to improve their happiness. When they feel a long day weighing on them, they can get motivation from pictures of their children and pets. As long as decorations don't bother other people, you should encourage the activity.


People who work in healthy, happy places are more likely to do their jobs better than people who work in unhealthy, sad places. Making a commitment to these four tips will improve the way your employees feel at work. In return, they'll find it easier to concentrate on assigned tasks.

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