5 Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software for Small Business

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Published on Mar. 19, 2014
5 Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software for Small Business
Whether you run a grocery store, senior home care agency, a hotel chain or restaurant, employee scheduling software can streamline your business and eliminate headaches. TimeCurve Scheduler does just that. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized business, this software offers many features that help improve day-to-day business practices for a wide range of industries. Here are five benefits of this easy-to-use employee scheduling software: Increase efficiency and productivity. Employee scheduling software is designed to reduce the time it takes to coordinate employees’ schedules. Scheduling—a tedious process that recurs about every two weeks—requires a major time investment among managers. TimeCurve Schedulers allows managers to automate scheduling, so they can focus their time and energy elsewhere. Reduce costs. As the old saying goes, time is money. Automating such tasks free up manpower, so resources can be redistributed toward more productive ventures. Forecast workload and staff. When planning ahead, it’s important to schedule enough employees for specific times. Consider the retail industry during the holidays. This hectic time of the year often requires more labor, as business can quadruple. Employee scheduling software allows you to plan for those seasonal fluctuations. Likewise, these capabilities can minimize an unproductive workplace caused by overscheduling. Simplify HR processes and eliminate tedious tasks. Scheduling is a repetitive task that occurs week after week. This task can be automated, so it’s completed in mere seconds. The manager only needs to approve it and it’s done. Manage employee needs. Not only can scheduling be tedious, but it can also get messy. For example, Employee A can only work the 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. shift and has to have off every other Saturday. Then, Employee B is a minor and can only work 22 hours a week due to minor labor laws, and Employee C needs off during the first week of February for PTO. It can be difficult to keep these needs straight and schedule appropriately to both their requirements and the fulfillment of your business needs. Such software help eliminate the confusion; the manager can pre-set recurring employee needs and episodic events, such as vacation time, so these scheduling considerations are never overlooked and always factored into the schedule. These are only a few of the many benefits of employee scheduling software. Learn more about the benefits of TimeCurve Software and sign up for a free trial today.
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