5 Benefits of a Modern Office Space with Interior Glass Doors

Written by Michael Zhou
Published on Apr. 13, 2017
5 Benefits of a Modern Office Space with Interior Glass Doors

As today's business world continues to evolve in numerous ways, office spaces have undergone a dramatic revitalization. Whereas offices of the past felt they were not complete unless they had cubicle after cubicle for employees to sit in hour after hour isolated from one another, today's modern offices with interior glass doors and partitions are just the opposite. Realizing it's much better to do away with isolation and instead give employees the chance to see and interact with one another while feeling energized by the natural light that passes through, more and more employers have taken a liking to glass doors, partitions, and walls in an effort to improve not only the looks of the office but also employee productivity and efficiency. If you've got an office that's in need of a serious makeover, here are five benefits you're sure to gain by having a modern office space.


1-   Interior Glass Doors Provide More Natural Light

For many offices, letting in more natural light is a great way to quickly bring a more modern look to your surroundings. While glass interior barn doors and office dividers offer a stylish and elegant way to make an office appear modern, it's using glass office partition walls that dramatically make the surroundings much brighter. By removing out of date cubicles and installing glass office dividers and interior barn doors, you and your employees will not only have much more natural light but also a more positive outlook while on the job.

2-   Sliding Glass Doors are Real Space Savers

While office partition walls help eliminate cubicles and allow much more natural light to shine into the office, modern interior glass barn doors are great space savers for your office, especially the ones that slide or suspend from a track. Taking up far less space than traditional doors, they also give a cool, modern look while letting in plenty of sunlight. Especially good for smaller offices, the barn doors offer the perfect solution for companies seeking to use every inch of space while updating their decor. And along with this, the more natural light will allow the area to become more energy efficient, since it will be warmer due to the sunlight.

3-   Improved Quality of Work

Not only can using glass doors, partitions, and walls make your office look modern, but they can also greatly improve the quality of work employees do each and every day. In fact, study after study of workplace productivity has concluded that with the addition of natural light, the efficiency of employees rises dramatically. And as an added bonus, employees who are happy with their workplace surroundings and take pride in their office space produce work that is greatly improved. While these design ideas work with employees spanning all age groups, they are particularly well-liked by Millennials, who prefer work environments that are open and modern, much like their home surroundings.

4-   Resale Value

Along with making your workplace look modern and stylish, using glass doors and partitions can also greatly add to the property's resale value. With designs such as these, properties can expand and contract as needed, which make them much more attractive to numerous types of buyers. In many cases, an office space can be renovated so that a new buyer can add twice as many people, which is a great selling point for the property. Since over 75 percent of offices in the United States now have open floor plans, using glass as a way to modernize the office is very popular with financial firms and real-estate agencies, which are always on the lookout for new office space that lets them project a modern, professional appearance to their clients.

5-   Mobility and Collaboration

Rather than stressing individualism in the workplace, today's employers are much more interested in teamwork and collaboration among their employees. By getting employees engaged in face-to-face interactions on a daily basis, it helps create a sense of camaraderie that can't be duplicated with old-style cubicles. And along with this added sense of teamwork, employees become much happier on the job and have far fewer conflicts while at work, which ultimately increases productivity. By using glass doors and walls in an office, it allows everyone to have the feeling that they are under the same roof, which gives them much more incentive to work together. In fact, studies of numerous companies have shown that employees working in open work environments not only work much better with one another but also provide better customer service both in-person and over the telephone.

For companies that decide to do away with office designs that are out of touch with today's modern workplace attitudes, the positive changes that result can be quite dramatic. Whether it's having employees who are much more productive due to an abundance of natural light, maximizing your work area by doing away with traditional doors, or upgrading your property to increase its resale value, it's clear giving your workplace some much-needed TLC will do wonders not only for employee morale, but also efficiency.

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