Diversity in Tech: How Victory Lap is Making a Difference

Written by Jamie Rothberg
Published on Jun. 15, 2017
Diversity in Tech: How Victory Lap is Making a Difference

According to WalletHub, Chicago ranks number 12 as the most diverse city in the United States with a score of 70.57 (New York was ranked number 1 with a score of 71.73 for reference). So it’s no surprise that Victory Lap has had quite a rise in their diversity percentage.


Since Victory Lap’s first sales bootcamp training in the fourth quarter of 2016, they have had close to 50% female graduates and 47% are racially/ethnically diverse. That’s impressive. Why? Because diversity is slowly coming into focus under the sales magnifying glass.



In a recent article on Inc.com, millennial speaker Ryan Jenkins explains how with the new generation, diversity becomes a competitive advantage.


“Organizations that hire and promote the same kind of thinkers are capping their potential,” Jenkins explains. Victory Lap wants to avoid this cap, and has been successful in doing so. Employers can now gain access to trained salespeople with a different background than those they already have in their workforce.


Women are becoming more prominent in the sales world and this is something everybody should be aware and proud of. Women on Business published an article that is relevant now more than ever. Now that sales has shifted to a more online oriented platform, there is a need to “develop trust and rapport to make a sale and keep the customer returning again and again.” For women, this is no problem. Relationship-driven by nature, a woman’s empathy sets them apart as an asset in the sales world.


Victory Lap has one goal: to train the next generation of top sellers, and help employers hire better sales talent. Faster.


Females are rising in the sales department. Those with a different race/ethnicity are able to create a diversified workforce, forming a successful network of readied candidates. And as the two week training at Victory Lap comes to a close,  what truly matters is that you have a passion for sales and a dream of a thriving career.



Victory Lap is that step up to make sure your passions and dreams become a successful reality and eventually a career.

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