Experts Predict Future Mobile App Growth 2016

Written by Sarah Smith
Published on Jan. 15, 2016
Experts Predict Future Mobile App Growth 2016


When the phrase “text me” was initially marketed, it seemed foreign to many people. Many thought that the invented phrase would not catch on. Over a decade later, the mobile industry is one of the most important, almost centralizing the lives of those who own a mobile device. Phones are not merely phones. They are our hub of communication and entertainment. The lucrative industry is thriving and always expanding. With this expansion, the mobile app economy expands as well. Mobile app growth has been the focal point of the experts in this field. Several of these individuals have theorized about what the consumer can expect within the next year.


Prominent among these experts, the CEO of Cheetah Mobile, Sheng Fu predicts that the mobile app growth will carry with it an increase in personalized advertisements. That is not to say that the advertisements are going to serve as an annoyance to the user, like a commercial at the climax of your favorite movie. Rather, the advertisements are going to be personalized. They are to be customized specifically for the user. This leads him to think that these in-app advertisements will even enhance the user experience and fit naturally in the app.


Contributing some treasured insight, the CEO of Dripper Matan Talmi hypothesizes that there will be a major shift from computers to mobile devices. This will be concomitant to the major improvement in the quality of apps as app developers use more data to create a better user experience.


Consequently, the CEO of FourSquare, Dennis Crowley thinks that the consumer can expect a much more personalized app experience. Since so many apps know where the consumer is and what their schedule is like, he predicts that there will be very helpful and contextual notifications that are adapted to the life of the user.


This leads Derek Ting, the CEO of TextNow, to suggest that mobile app growth will focus on retaining users. By providing useful material, people will want to download apps. He thinks that people cannot be forced to download apps that they do not want. Developers are going to crack down on incentivized app downloads and give the user apps that they want to download and use on a regular basis.


In this way, the CEO of VideoAmp, Ross McCracy thinks that apps will not just be for gaming. There will be a heavy video interface within the app experience. The app economy is expanding precisely because of how personalized it has become. It is giving people what they want. It is not just advertising useless content to them.


Further, Oren Kaniel, the CEO of Appsflyer, thinks that the expansion of the app economy will soon exploit television networks for their advertising capacity. There will be commercials for apps and apps featured in television shows. He thinks that since most users watch television with a second screen in their hand, this will vitally contribute to the future of our mobile apps.


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