How to Separate Your Personal Life from Business

Written by Alisha Christofer
Published on Dec. 26, 2016

In order to ensure that there is a work-life balance, you need to know how to concretely separate personal life from your work.

They say that a good employee knows how to separate work from personal life. No matter how attractive your job is, you can never be fully satisfied unless your life is satisfactory. The following idea was from The Working Mom Manifesto of Heather Schuck. It may simply mean that separating professional from private life is truly essential.

First, you need to have enough time for yourself as you have time for your work. Aside from yourself, you have to keep your relationships with other people in a good state. All of these factors help in maintaining a good work-life balance as it maintains both good mental and physical health. However, maintaining a good work-life balance has become more and more challenging today due to modernization and technological advancement.

Define Your Boundaries

People play a number of roles in their lifetime. You are not just an employee alone. Other minor roles can most of the time overlap with your current major roles. Set your priorities smartly and be sure that you line up the most important ones. An adultery lawyer even said that failing to perform your family role can also be a cause of breaking a marriage which might lead to divorce.

Set a Specific Time of Hours for Work

For you to distinguish your time allotment for work and your personal life, you have to set definite working hours. Stick to that schedule to maintain the time for yourself. This one is very helpful especially for telecommuters or for people who work at home.

The ideal days off work is two days for your body to rest and regain its strength. Having two days off from work give you the time have a worthwhile day-off and gives you the chance to plan a mini-vacation or engage more in relaxing and destressing activities.

Establish Job Descriptions

Knowing your tasks and the limitations of your job let you ensure that you only do what is reasonable and just for your work. Taking extra loads or irrelevant tasks may compromise your personal time. It would not hurt if you get extra loads especially if the company is really in need of help, but doing it on a regular basis would not be healthy enough. If you perceive that your work assignment is not clearly defined, speak with your immediate superior regarding the concern.

Have Distinct Social Media Accounts

Social media has been a trend in today’s business sector and modern work world. Some employees are required to use social media to talk with their employers or customers. You can opt to use another Facebook page or profile for your business and keep your own Facebook profile for your private life. If you fail to do so, your friends might be annoyed if you promote much on Facebook or your customers might even contact you even beyond working hours.

Learn the Art of Delegation

If you are in a team or if you have subordinates under your command, you can opt to delegate some tasks to them instead. This will not only help you set your schedule, but you will also be helping your team and subordinates to enhance their knowledge and skills set further.


In order for you to work in your optimum performance, you need time away from work. It does not necessarily mean that when you are looking forward to a great weekend, you are not taking your job seriously. It can actually be a form of motivation for you to work hard at the moment and enjoy your days off work.

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