Is Your Organization Talent Facing?

Written by Joseph Mabus
Published on Jul. 10, 2015
Is Your Organization Talent Facing?

Imagine that you are attending a local networking session, and you are engaged in a conversation about careers. The other participant asks who your employer is, you reply candidly, which insights a wide-eyed, impressed reaction from the other person.

“I hear it is very nice there!” says the colleague.

Suddenly, the conversation shifts towards your routine, responsibilities, and maybe, they pose a question about open positions. Cards are exchanged, niceties expressed, and you turn away with a warm, pleasant feeling from the added attention.

Interactions like these are extremely commonplace, but you may surprised to learn that for the HR and Talent Acquisition elite, this conversation is not only expected but also a foregone conclusion; the intended effect of months or years of hard work for a ‘talent facing’ company.

So how exactly does the same department who manages your 401k, health insurance, and water cooler conflicts also manage to influence a person outside the company enough to warrant them asking for a job? The answer lies within a hardening trend that consultants are calling Employer Branding.

Loosely defined, Employer Branding is the process of creating a harmonious brand directed at current and prospective employees which encompasses a company’s corporate values, employee benefits, and career development objectives in such a way that outsiders can gain a concretely defined answer to this question,

“What’s it like to work for _________?”

You might be further surprised to learn that Employer Branding is fast becoming standard operating procedure for many of the world’s top performing companies. In a recent 2014 report conducted by Employer Brand International, a consortium of hiring consulting firms, it was found that in 1100 polled organizations that as many as ⅓ (35%) have established Employer Branding campaigns and have intentions to sustain or increase those efforts in the coming year. Results taken over a 5 year period from 2009 to 2014 showed that online social media served as the primary channel for this marketing strategy. Through this channel, engagement went from 14% to an impressive 58% of companies who are talking with their candidates through services like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

And the efforts undertaken are no small endeavour. Companies now have interdepartmental teams to supply content to job prospects on the how’s, why’s, and what’s of working at their prospective employer. The role of Talent Acquisition Specialist is no longer held by the summer intern and precious man hours are used to give transparency to a process which is traditionally very ambiguous or occluded for potential employees.

But what are the benefits of spending time, money, and resources on people who may not even become employees?

Companies listed the following benefits to creating an effective Employer Branding Campaign :

  • ease in attracting candidates
  • employee engagement
  • recognition as an employer of choice
  • lower recruiting costs
  • higher job acceptance rates
  • decrease in staff turnover


Over the next few weeks, Cutting Edge Connect will be releasing content on how companies like yours can craft Employer Branding strategies that move the needle and truly create solutions for your talent search endeavors. 


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