Sustainable Fuel and Chemical Platform Mattiq Launches With $15M

The startup uses artificial intelligence to develop sustainable chemical and fuel products that help companies reduce their emissions.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 07, 2023
Sustainable Fuel and Chemical Platform Mattiq Launches With $15M
Mattiq Co-founder Chad Mirkin, CEO Jeff Erhardt, and CTO Andrey Ivankin.
Mattiq co-founder Chad Mirkin (left), CEO Jeff Erhardt (center) and CTO Andrey Ivankin. | Photo: Mattiq

Founded by Northwestern University professor Chad Mirkin, Mattiq uses artificial intelligence to produce chemicals and fuels. The startup launched on Tuesday and has already secured $15 million in funding. 

Chicago-based Mattiq aims to help companies discover new sustainable chemical materials that can help them reach net-zero emissions. It does so by using AI to synthesize and analyze millions of chemical combinations to create new chemical materials and products for various industries.

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“From the stone age to the silicon era, materials discovery has been slow, unpredictable and constrained by the performance of available materials,” Chad Mirkin, co-founder and director of Mattiq, said in a statement. “Mattiq is disrupting this status quo, resulting in discoveries that enable new technologies at a pace not previously imaginable.”

Material Impact, a Boston-based venture capital firm with a history of investing in early-stage science and climate companies, led the $15 million seed round. 

Alongside the launch and funding raise, Mattiq appointed Jeff Erhardt as its new CEO.

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