Biotech Company Nucleai Raises $14 to Deploy Its AI-Powered Platform

The company’s technology helps pathologists make more informed decisions while developing immunotherapies.

Published on Apr. 03, 2024
Biotech Company Nucleai Raises $14 to Deploy Its AI-Powered Platform
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Nucleai, a Chicago-based biotech company, has secured a $14 million investment led by M Ventures, bringing its total funding to $60 million. Specializing in personalized medicine, the company leverages spatial AI to track cellular interactions within patient tissue samples and predict treatment outcomes.

The company’s platform transforms static biopsy slides into AI-guided action plans, enabling pathologists to anticipate and precisely navigate complex diseases such as cancer. Its technology extracts patterns and features from medical images, offering insights into the tumor microenvironment, cellular morphology and spatial relationships between different cell types.

Nucleai’s platform capabilities can help advance drug development, biomarker discovery and the precision of therapeutic targeting. The company’s latest injection of funding allows it to deploy its AI algorithms for the prospective enrollment of patients in clinical trials.

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