NutriSense Raises $25M for Sensors That Track Glucose Levels

NutriSense’s health platform helps individuals track their glucose levels and create a plan to best meet their nutrition goals.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jul. 13, 2022
NutriSense Raises $25M for Sensors That Track Glucose Levels
NutriSense Raises 25 Million For Sensors that Track Glucose Levels
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Having a detailed understanding of our bodies is hard. So much happens on the inside and there is oven very little shown on the outside to signal whether our bodies are functioning optimally. Chicago-based NutriSense is helping people get a better understanding of their bodies and their metabolic health with its painless sensors and it recently raised new capital to reach more consumers. 

On Wednesday, NutriSense announced that it closed a $25 million Series A round led by 1315 Capital, a healthcare-focused VC firm. This is NutriSense’s first venture capital close.

Founded in 2019, NutriSense helps individuals better understand and manage their glucose levels. After completing a questionnaire and selecting a program, users are sent a sensor that is worn on their arm to continuously track glucose levels throughout the day. The data is then displayed on NutriSense’s mobile app which charts how glucose levels vary at certain times of the day. Each user is also paired with a credentialed nutrition professional who is able to provide personalized support, which can include actionable steps on how users can best meet their overall health goals.

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“NutriSense is democratizing access to personalized health monitoring, which has long been elusive for individuals looking to take their health into their own hands,” Alex Skryl, co-founder and CEO of NutriSense, said in a statement. “This financing is a testament to the strong and timely appetite for our product and ensures that we have the resources we need to continue bringing our tools and services to more members.”

According to NutriSense’s website, its dieticians are available to chat via the app and can provide nutrition education, motivational coaching and a better understanding of a user’s glucose data. 

With the new funding, NutriSense is looking to further grow its operational team and make its glucose monitoring platform available to more people. The company currently employs around 120 people globally.

Editor's note: The sensor do not track sleep, stress, physical activity and meal digestion as previously reported. The article has been updated.

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